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Posted By: Luis on: 09/19/2008 06:32:43 ET
Subject: Haumea

Message Detail:
Haumea ("Santa" until a few days ago) is pretty odd as dwarf planet, specialy because it is clearly oval, like a rugby ball. By the 2006 definition of "dwarf planet" it should not have been considered, as one of the requirements is that it would have a spheric shape (hydrostatic equilibrium). But the IAU later lowered their requirements, admitting anything that is bright enough... or something like that. Personally I am not really persuaded it is a good idea, as it allows virtually anything of some size to be considered a dwarf planet.

Well, in any case, what struck me the most from Brown's post is this sentence from the IAU's declaration, re. Haumea's mythology:

"As the goddess of the earth, she represents the element of stone."

Brown also mentions that the object seems to be basically hard rock, with a thin layer of ice covering it (what makes it brighter).

This may be a reference for Astrologers, and I would be tempted to associate it with the sign of Capricorn. Element earth in any case.

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