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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/11/2008 10:09:04 ET
Subject: Transition, social self-hatred

Message Detail:
Juno opposes Eris, Juno and Eris are thus disconnected, so no. Any Aspect is a sloppy system.

However Eris is retrograde and at the edge of going into Aries. This means that the society is driven to self-hatred, that is to say that Eris (society) is able to see that it's values are wrong.

Because of the cusp position of Eris, I would suggest that we are seeing an expression of the coming age Aries, which governs feminism in my view. That time corresponds with feminism, because Eris Aries has no patience for 'passive women' and even less for 'unfree women'. Or 'unfree anything'.

Hence why the Erisian Age of Aries, is so undoubtably Feminist in character.

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