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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/11/2008 09:56:20 ET
Subject: More on Eris and other planets

Message Detail:
Some of what I you say I have already noted, however I do not think Eris has a Uranus nature. Eris is the Anti-Uranus, it represents not the man raging against the machine, it is the machine against which the man rages.

It represents the dominant social trend against which to struggle against is dangerous and carries a lot of risk. What I fear is that Eris will incorrectly get a Uranus nature based upon it's name, even though it's true nature is the social ideas and values that are dear to all.

Previously, that is before the Aries transfer the social theme was Piscean. Roughly this translates as an elevation of feelings (nationalism) and the desire to cross boundries in order to unify groups that have an affinity. That is to say, we say the breakdown of the old states and the formation of larger units, like Germany and Italy as the forefront of ideas.

Aries however, does not share this theme. Austria does not wish to join Germany in the present day, nor do Luxemburg. So the desire to unify like with like is muted and weak compared with the desire to assert one's own sectional group individuality and status.

Aries focuses on difference in similarity, Pisces focuses on similarity in difference.

Sedna represents rejection, it is what Eris rejects, what the society at large despises the most. This society presently hates Tauros the most, that is to say they hate simple theories that explain complex things, the so-called Metanarratives of Postmodernism. The combination of Sedna in Aries and Eris in Aries, contributed to the early 20th century violence.

If Sedna and Eris are in the same sign (they were thankfully never conjucnct), then Eris is self-rejecting, so the society hates itself and seeks it's own destruction. This unleashing vast potential for change, which ended up with the Nazis and other Fascists, because Pisces against Aries (most the human race are still Pisces) is in essence Fascistic, to forge larger units out of the smaller.

So the decaying energies of the past (Piscean) Erisian age are unable to adapt to Aries, since Eris rejects what is in Sedna, in this case itself. This clash between past and present, results in Fascism. Fascism is a traumatised state the result of a nasty clash between two Erisian 'states'. It's rapid demise comes as the new generation is born that have never felt the energies of Pisces, but the energies of Aries.

Of course, had Fascism succeeded then it immortalises it's own trauma, in the institutions, but even so, the fall of for instance Franco's Spain, suggests that once the trauma is past and the new age established, then these forces are extremely fragile.

Varuna governs invention and innovation definately, that is true. It represents that which stands out, that which stands out from the crowd, from the masses.

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