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Posted By: X on: 09/8/2008 22:57:41 ET
Subject: RE: dwarf planet or just named plutoid?

Message Detail:
No, sorry. I don't know that much. I just think that there are very good reasons to think (specially Nelson's astronomical work on solar spots and correlative planetary positions) that electromagnetism is directly connected with how astology works.


Only four dwarf planets by the moment: Ceres, Pluto, Eris and now Makemake. Sedna is a very good candidate anyhow.

And it seems that electromagnetism might have something to do with how many mammals work. Recent news of course was that Satelite photos show that cows generally tend to orient themselves N/S, that is, they have a magnetic sense. And whales and humans arer also thought to have this sense. Really interesting.

I read once that a study found that a sleeper's alignment N/S to the Earth's magnetic field meant for more intense or longer REM activity during sleep. REM dreamsleep is supposed to be very healthy for the mind, dispelling the static charge of white noise in the mind accued during waking hours, and solidifying the more pertinent memories, from what i gather.

So yeah, if we also have an inate magnetic sense, then an electromagnetic mechanism behind astrological effects makes sense.

(unlike the terrestrial cows, the cosmic bull is actually aligned East/West along the ecliptic. i suppose he aint sleeping ) Hmmm. Sleep (Hypnos) and Dreams (Morpheus) are the brothers of Death (Thanatos) cheers. :-)

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