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Posted By: x on: 08/14/2008 15:09:11 ET
Subject: RE: dwarf planet or just named plutoid?

Message Detail:
Well, I understandt that there is a quite clear difference between a planet, a dwarf planet and "other objects". There are some known objects that have not a clear classification yet but anyhow.

If you think that electromagnetism has something to do with Astrology, as I do, you can easily notice that a planet in a clear orbit should be much more influential than a dwarf planet in a "soup" of many other objects that would distort the signal just as aluminium threads may confuse a radar (all the rest being equal).

Simlarly the distinction between a "perfect" round object and an "imperfect" irregular rock, which is by IAU 2006 the line between dwarf planets and simple asteroids/KBOs/other, should make a difference. We obviously would need to know more about the distant objects' magentic fields and how they affect the Solar magnetic field but I understand these physical distinctions may make a difference in any case.

Interesting about electromagnetism and the asteroid soup interference. I don't know much about this but electromagnetism seems a more likely theory than my own muddled ideas of "Bell's inequality- non local reality" theories and holographic models and fractal dimensional models- kind of a lumpy dimensional woo-porridge :-(

when many "traditional"planets are in conjunction the energy from that part of the sky is stronger in a chart. Perhaps it is harder to sort out the individual planet influences from each other but the energy there is stronger. Do you know if there is a "Kuiper Belt" signature that may be stronger with conjunctions and more evened out and individualized as the Dwarf planets separate around the chart? For instance, was there an amplification of Kuiper and Scattered Kuiper energy in the middle of the 19th century when Makemake and Eris were in conjunction that cooled off and became differentiated again as they separated?

Makemake was recently activated by Mars' conjunction with it in Virgo. The chart for the interesting date of 08/08/08 shows Mars and Makemake in tight aspect with Uranus, Neptune and Eris. Lots of smokescreens, curtains (of bamboo,iron or any handy material), and aluminum thread in the news right now. Kind of hard to tell what in this energy bump is Makemake though. The soup is lumpy.

there are Seven named Dwarf planets now, including Ceres. Seven Dwarves. So where's Snow White? :-(

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