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Posted By: Luis on: 08/11/2008 21:19:30 ET
Subject: RE: The Effects of Eris, my theory.

Message Detail:
I've just begun to study possible correlations of Eris with History. By the moment it is quite confuse.

The only thing I have seen so far is that the beginning of its cycle at Aries seems to be coincident of what we could call "beginning of era", though maybe the symbolic events marking them happened actually in late Pisces.

In 865-987 Aries Eris corresponds to the post-Carolingian period and the beginning of the High Middle Ages.

In 1392-1517 Aries Eris corresponds with the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Age

In 1922-2044 Aries Eris correlates with the end of Modernity and the beginning of post-Modernity (whatever that means), with the rise of new powers, beginning by the USA but also modern Russia, China, etc.

It's all I can say by now.

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