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Posted By: x on: 08/6/2008 13:06:41 ET
Subject: RE: dwarf planet or just named plutoid?

Message Detail:
Is it really a dwarf planet or just a plutoid? Wikipedia says dwarf planet based on US geological survey but I could not find any news in the IAU site on 2005 FY9 since 2006. Brown uses "dwarf planet" but he seems careless about such terms and there's no reference in his blog to the "upgrade".

Wow Luis, i was wading through all the Plutinos, Plutoids, Planetoids,Dwarf Planets, Minor Planets and Meteoroids this morning in Wikipedia. They say a camel is a horse designed by a committee...

How big is this committee that creates these categories for TNOs ? Do they allow input from the guy emptying ashtrays outside the doors? if i were that guy i would dust the ashes off my coveralls and call it like it is...

Objects beyond Neptune round by their own gravity are "Plutatoes", Smaller than that they are "Plutato Chips". The Kuiper belt is the "Plutato Field" and Pluto itself should be renamed "The Green-eyed Monster" while its moon Charon should be known as "Mrs. Plutatohead" (shrugs, goes back to emptying ashtrays)

Seriously though, it seems that the naming system is still in flux and may change as new discoveries are made. But it looks like Makemake is officially a Dwarf Planet for now.

As a sidenote, Makemake will be in exact opposition to my natal Saturn this September even as transiting Saturn crosses my ascendant... so I wont have anything further to say about the new Plutatoes for a while as i dust off the old sackcloth and prepare a can of ashes to sprinkle liberally about the head and shoulders as the Lord of Karma comes round to whip me into proper ascetic shape... again :-)

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