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Posted By: mark on: 08/5/2008 13:46:18 ET
Subject: RE: Have any of you drawn the charts for Mike Brown and his team?

Message Detail:
A very interesting analysis, thanks E Chi. I didn't know Brown was interested in Astrology. There are not many astronomers nowadays that would admit such interests in public (or even in private).

As a side note I find specially interesting your comments on Eris quincux Mars. I don't have that aspect but I do have Eris trine Mars, and Eris is conj Asc. and NN and Mars is at the midpoint of the luminaries (so I excuse myself in anticipation for being impulsive), so I find your comments of interest, even if a trine is less intriguing than a quincux.

hi again Luis, thank you :-) Valerian turned me on to the Eris quincunxes a couple of years ago here. They are intriguing yes.But you are so lucky to have this Mars/Eris trine! i imagine your Martian energy can be used constructively to whatever task you direct it to... i haven't looked at many Eris trines so not sure how it plays out though. I have both an unaspected Mars and an unaspected Eris. My own expression of Martian energies leads to, well, less than satisfactory results. Although I'm mellow in person, if reserved and pensive at first, in the written debate i sometimes inadvertantly come off like Yosemite Sam and before long people are chasing after me with sticks and dogs and threatening me with excommunication and lifetime therapy for percieved anger management issues ;-)) again, i imagine the Mars/Eris trine to be fortunate, or at worse, maybe beneficially volatile... like say,the two California brothers lighting an ilegal backfire that saved their home during a recent wildfire, or perhaps a great RocknRoll album that singes your eyebrows and blows your socks off :-) Perhaps this would apply more to Eris oppositions though, i don't know...

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