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Posted By: Amable on: 07/24/2008 17:45:08 ET
Subject: Eris is a SDO

Message Detail:
In a game of chess there is a board with 8x8 and 16x2 pieces, low artificial intelligence is needed to play this game. But when we take in consideration all countries in the real word, with so many people, we need what I call high artificial intelligence. That cuality is tipical of all the Classical Kuiper Belt Objects like Quaoar and Makemake (also, in the same group, Logos, Chaos, Deucalion, Borasis, Varuna, Theharonhiawako, 1992 QB1, 2002 TX300, 2002 AW197 and 2003 EL61).

When this high artificial intelligence is applied to emotions and human relations, like in the whole Troya war events, we have to look at the Scattered Disc Objets, which Eris belongs (also, in the same group, 1995 TL8, 1996 TL66 and 2002 TC302). The SDOīs are like Centaurs that get very close to the boundary of the Kuiper Belt and expand in the Inner Oort Cloud direction, were Sedna belongs (pure heart and high emotional intuition).

There is a good example of Eris SDOīs cuality in the movie Simbad (Dream Works, 2003):

SIMBAD: "Well, I see youīre busy, so listen, weīll just take the Book of Peace and get out of your way."

ERIS: "(Chuckles) What makes you think I have it?"

SIMBAD: "Uh, well, you framed for the theft, so they whould execute me."

ERIS: "You?"

SIMBAD: "Yeah."

ERIS: "?"

SIMBAD: "No. Proteus! You knew he would take my place."

ERIS: "(Chuckles) What a clever little man you are."

SIMBAD: "You thought Iīd run. Then Proteus would die, and Syracuse would be..."

ERIS: "Left without the next rightful king, and tumble into glorious chaos. You humans are so predictable. Proteus coulnīt help being ever so noble, and you couldnīt help betraying him."

SIMBAD: "But I didnīt betray proteus! I didnīt run away."

ERIS: "Oh, but you did betray him. You stole his only love. Look at her, Simbad. Heīs not even in his grave yet, and youīre moving in on his girl. Face it. Your heart is as black as mine."

MARINA: "Youīre wrong about him!"

ERIS: "He knows Iīm not!"

MARINA: "You donīt know whatīs in his heart."

ERIS: "Oh, yes I do. And more importantly, so does he. In your heart, you know that proteus is going to die because he saw something in you that just isnīt there."


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