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Posted By: Luis on: 07/7/2008 22:18:14 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna; Interpetation in a Chart

Message Detail:
No. I don't think Sedna can be read as mere failure. Sedna is, following the legend (there are several versions, so it can be confusing):

A daring lover who falls in love with someone different (a dog).

A rebel, an outlier who doesn't fit within the norm.

A scapegoat for his father's cowardice and petty honorability.

And, over all, the godess of animals and nature. The provider of food, a provider that is hurt and must be cared for (shamans do).

She shows connection with nature, compassion and rebel attitude. I think she can provide much good things, both material and immaterial, as long as she is not ignored and insulted.

Sedna is, remember, the second more reddish object we know orbiting the Sun. She is not Mars but is close. Maybe female testosterone could be a good hint (as contrast to male testosterone - yes, women also have testosterone, believe me). But she is more watery (emotional, sensitive) than Mars. She's pioneering as Mars but more sensitive, more intimate even if she belongs to the outer reaches (and therefore has a transpersonal meaning essentially).

Also from the position she occupies in the known Solar System right now, she looks like both a pioneer and a scout (first object known beyond the KB) and a messenger from the outer reaches. In a general (non-personal) meaning she can be seen as an avenger to the mistreatment of Mother Earth (she seems to approach us always in times of climate warming) but in the personal side she's more complex without doubt. Akin to Pluto and Scorpio maybe but more benevolent and individualist.

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