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Posted By: Luis on: 06/23/2008 17:12:42 ET
Subject: RE: Eris and the Garden of Truth.

Message Detail:
Now Eris was transiting Albert Einstein's natal Sun while he came up with quantum theory and relativity in 1905 as he worked in peace and obscurity in a Swiss patent office. She was transiting Charles Darwin's natal Sun the year he arrived at the Galapagos Islands aboard the Beagle. She was transiting Thomas Jefferson's ascendant when he was sworn in as president in 1801 in the newly built city of Washington D.C. Eris was transiting Mary Leakey's natal Venus and Lunar North Node in Aries in 1935 when she made her first visit to Olduvai Gorge.

Darn! Eris won't trine my natal Sun until 2032!!! :(

But it was transiting my Asc. and NN when I was born. Well, it was slightly behind it, and, as it goes so slowly, it took four years to actually transit it. That was one of the saddest times I can recall: they got me into kindergarten!

Of course there's some uncertainty because I don't know the exact minute I was born and, as Eris goes sooo slowly, it could make a difference of years.

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