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Posted By: Luis on: 06/23/2008 17:02:09 ET
Subject: Virgo ruler, of course!

Message Detail:
But this Virgo has his doubts there will ever be a planet "perfect" enough to rule Virgo. Not in this density-stained universe.


Just check any depiction of Ceres: goddess Ceres and Virgo are the same icon: a lady holding a spike.

The circle has been apparently closed with the demotion of Pluto and the reconsideration of Ceres as planet again (dwarf planet, ok). It was needed the intervention of Eris but the balance has been restored, as in the Greek legend.

I'll explain myself: the legend places Ceres (Demeter) and Pluto (Hades) in conflict due to the kidnapping of Persphone/Proserpine. This conflict caused tremendous grief on Earth and was eventually solved by restoring the balance between the two: between life and death.

Eris is not part of this legend, she belongs to another: that of the conflict between the Titanid Venus (Aphrodite) and the Olympic godesses Hera (Juno) and Athenea (Minerva). This conflict is best known for its earthly implications: the war of Troy, when Troy, a city one thousand years older than Mycenaean Greece, was besieged and destroyed by the Indo-Europeans. But Venus was anyhow proclaimed the most beautiful and is the only one of the three with a planet of her own, in fact: the brightest planet as seen from Earth.

As I see it they both represent the same conflict between the old Titanic world (Earth: Venus, Saturn, Ceres) and the new Olympic one. It can also be interpreted in Gimbutist parameters: the old world of the Goddess vs. the new world of Patriarchy. Both Pluto kidnapping Persephone and the envious Olympic godesses made to the ideals of men (the compliant but jealous wife and the virgin warrioress born of Zeus' brain).

Now the balance has been restored: Pluto has lost a grade and Ceres has earned it. It has an important symbolic meaning, specially as both are "monarchs" of their respective belts: the asteroideal belt and the Kuiper belt.

Of course what lays beyond, what is in the cold outer reaches beyond Eris... maybe only Sedna knows.

But Ceres is perfect to rule Virgo. As perfect as any Virgoan may ever wish. ;)


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