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Posted By: mark on: 05/4/2008 02:34:03 ET
Subject: Rock Gate Park, Florida

Message Detail:
"Paradise" is an ancient Persian word meaning "enclosed garden"..."

Rock Gate Park (Now called "Coral Castle") in Florida is an incredible walled garden built by a Latvian immigrant named Edward Leedskalnin, b. Aug 10/ 1887, Riga Latvia.

Please websearch Coral Castle and have a lookabout if you have time, or better yet if you ever go to Florida go there... alas, i haven't gone there yet...

Edward was a light man (About 100 lbs, 5'1") who claimed to know the secrets of leverage and balance and the Egyptian secrets for moving tons of stone. He carved and moved massive coral sculptures (many with astronomical/astrological themes weighing many tons each) for his castle using simple hand tools.

Mr. Leedskalnin also had original ideas about magnetism and wrote a pamphlet on the subject, even describing how magnetism "looked" to him.

Draw up Edward's chart,you will find a tight quincunx between Sun at about 17 degrees Leo and Eris at about 18 degrees Pisces. I've found this aspect to be prominant in the charts of science (astronomers Carl Sagan and Michael Brown for instance, and Robert Goddard and others).Again, this aspect seems to offer the opportunity for discordant synthesis, the wedding of two seemingly incompatable functions...In Mr. Leedskalnin's case perhaps it would be the wedding of his knowledge of magnetism, balance and pyramid construction with his Leonine flair for dramatic creation...

Not surprisingly this sculptor also has a very tight Mars/Quaoar conjunction in Cancer. (see the posts from 12/24/2007 and 12/30/2007 on this forum and also view his incredible huge lunar statue carved from a single block of coral)

When asked why he built this amazing park Mr. Leedskalnin would mumble something about his sweet 16 who ditched him on their wedding day in his home country. (One might guess perhaps this was just his stock reply for "muggles"). It is very likely that noone else in the world could have possibly built something of the scale of Rock Gate Park, then or now.

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