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Posted By: mark on: 04/30/2008 01:03:20 ET
Subject: Eris and the Garden of Truth.

Message Detail:
"Paradise" is an ancient Persian word meaning "enclosed garden"...

Now Eris was transiting Albert Einstein's natal Sun while he came up with quantum theory and relativity in 1905 as he worked in peace and obscurity in a Swiss patent office. She was transiting Charles Darwin's natal Sun the year he arrived at the Galapagos Islands aboard the Beagle. She was transiting Thomas Jefferson's ascendant when he was sworn in as president in 1801 in the newly built city of Washington D.C. Eris was transiting Mary Leakey's natal Venus and Lunar North Node in Aries in 1935 when she made her first visit to Olduvai Gorge.

Well, one picture we see here is that some eggheads got lucky and found just the right ideas that ultimately advanced our knowledge of the universe and our tiny little place in it. Another common theme we might notice from these transits is these people seemed to be in just the right PLACE that they actually had the time and opportunity and relative peace to actually make their discoveries...

Einstein couldn't find a university position so he had to settle for working in the relatively quiet Swiss patent office, away from people in the physics community at this time. Sir Isaac Newton, born with a very tight Moon/Eris conjunction, spent a couple of years away from London during the plague of 1665 at his home in Woolsthorpe where he came up with calculus, discoveries in optics, and the law of gravitation...

A common theme of these historical transits seems to be "Garden of Truth"... for Jefferson it was the city of Washington, for Darwin it was the Galapagos...

So we might wonder if Eris has something to do with these gardens, where our minds are free to wander through the mysteries of the world? Do we have this kind of garden in our own lives where we are free and open to the inspiration of Eris, where we have time to muse and wonder on child-like questions of life and reality? "What would happen if you ran fast enough to catch up to a beam of light?..." "Just how ancient is human-kind?..." "The apple fell from the tree, the Moon rises, hmmm..."

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