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Posted By: E Chi on: 04/20/2008 12:07:07 ET
Subject: RE: Gay and Queer Astrology

Message Detail:

Sorry I had left this thread so long, a puff of wind at the door blew me out into an unexpected two month walkabout through the west coast, just blew back in and wow am i skinny, footsore and exhausted! Such wonderful new posts and insights on the forum to read! :-)

I still stand by my Oct 19/ 2005 post where I wrote "I don't personally believe that there is any planet which defines a person's sexual orientation any more than you could tell if a subject is a man or a woman simply by looking at an anonymous birthchart..."

I still do believe that any planet(s) which might serve as potential rulers of Libra would be of special interest to anyone interested in the study of straight or gay human relationships, and yes, that means Eris and some of the other scattered Kuiper bodies out over the rainbow there... in my own humble opinion. I do find the homophobic idea of "astrological gay markers" very distasteful and suspect, but planets of "gay interest" certainly a different story... toward the light, mark :-)

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