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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 03/24/2008 18:23:48 ET
Subject: The Effects of Eris, my theory.

Message Detail:
Something originally posted on another forum.

Eris is a newly discovered 'planet' which led to the reclassification of Pluto into a new category of 'dwarf planet' along with Ceres. I have been of late very interested in what kind of effects this planet has and have been scouring the internet for information about it.

I start by discounting anything that partains specifically to Chaos, this is of course the domain of the mythologists, the most amusing of which stated openly that on their site they couldn't tell what the effects were because the name hadn't been assigned yet. Disruption, Change and Transformation is already assigned to Pluto anyway.

This planet has a 500 year orbit and everyone alive either has an Eris in Aries or if they are over about 80 Pisces. Therefore in effect all individuals have Eris in Aries, causing unique problems for interpretating it's effects. There are massive additional problems, because Aries is an individualistic sign and also supposadly warlike (although in experiance they are quite peaceful and calm unless stepped on and even then they are quick to forgive). The problem again is the problem with deciding Eris traits, when one only has essentially only Aries/Eris to work with and as time passes and more Eris/Pisces die, it would get worse. No this is not something that can be decided EXCEPT BY MUNDANE ASTROLOGY.

Mundane Astrology is ahead of the rest on this subject, they have already worked out basically what the meaning of Eris is by observing historical patterns. They saw it as sort of an Anti-Uranus, it relates to the collective order as opposed to the individuality of a person.

Now on the New Planet forums they were also discussing the effects of Eris. They linked it to such things as Woman's Rights, Anti-Racism, Gay Rights and that ilk. What is particularly interesting is that those things, while they would normally take centuries won a swift victory in becoming the new Social Order. While they maybe not been entirely successful, there is very little socially acceptable dissent from their positions.

Eris moved from Pisces into Aries in 1928. Therefore all people born at that date take a good 2 years to read maturity. Children obviously don't change society, so taking 20 years as your basic standard it comes to 1948. Now there was a pretty drastic tranformation to the Social Climate around about that time wasn't there? There was Second Wave Feminism, the Gay Rights Movement, the Sexual Revolution and so on. What is particularly interesting is the swiftness of their victory and crucially the generational conflict involved. Many of those social currents went on to establish an iron grip over society, for good or ill. If you don't agree with me, try openly being a Racist, Anti-Feminist, Homophobic, Eugenicists today? Openly express any of these things publicaly, know the grip of society. Once those things were acceptable, now they make you a pariah. And this change hardely took Centuries.

Sure there are societies that dissent from this, but the key thing is they are pretty uneasy and defensive about this, the widespread perception is they should follow the current. They justify themselves against the current as it were, often using the ideas of the current against itself.

Uranus is the counterdote to Eris. Uranus asserts the individual's or small groups views against the larger Collective. The price is to be eternally locked in battle, to be an eternal pariah but also to glorify one's individuality through one's pariah status.

Basically Eris governs what the dominant discourse between possibly rival and conflicting views is. All mainstream views share the Erisian point of contact, it governs their point of argument. It doesn't mean that new views neccesery arise in accordance to Eris changes, it simply effects how they argue.

We are living in the society of Aries. Our society is dominated by concepts of human rights and the collective affirmation of liberties. Collective good or will is given short shift, what people argue over is 'Rights'. Few would argue against Human Rights without becoming paraihs. What dominates discourse instead are concepts of Individual Rights, Individual Liberties, it becomes very hard to argue convincingly on any other basis. How Aries is our basic social order, obsessed with notions of Individuality and Individual self-affirmation. Back in the Erisian Piscean age, notions of Nation, Collective, Order and Race dominated Discourse. Now these things count for almost nothing, what matters is Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, Individual Affirmation. This Individualism is decried by some, embraced by others as a sign of progress but regardless it dominates Society.

Human Rights is at root Arien. Nationalism is at root Piscean. The sovereign Nation is the Piscean goal, the soveign Individual is the Arien goal. Sometimes I wonder, is this why Aries seem so peaceful, so calm, so relaxed these days? It's like everythings right at the moment, as long as you are an Aries. Aren't they supposed to be a warlike, fighting sign? They are attuned to the social worldview, a great number of them being in conjunction with Eris.

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