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Posted By: E Chi on: 02/11/2008 09:50:30 ET
Subject: RE: Have any of you drawn the charts for Mike Brown and his team?

Message Detail:
Your site mentions the accomplishments of the astronomers who found these new planets, but doesn't discuss their personal astrological significance. Since every significant body discussed on this forum was found by the same three people, Mike Brown, David Rabinowitz and Chad Trujillo, it would seem apropos to look at their charts to determine their place in the schema.

Good point Ephebos.I personally haven't written about their charts simply because of the enormous pressure astronomers are under from the academic and skeptical community to Despise everything about astrology.I thought there was something not kosher about bringing up their charts on an astrology forum.My little way of showing them some respect. However a little reading on Michael Brown's website shows me that he is a rare astronomer that actual has an open mind about astrology, so perhaps I'll join this thread.

With wikipedia as my source, Michael Brown was born June 5th, 1965. Chad Trujillo was born Nov 22, 1973, and David Rabinowitz was born in 1960, no date given.

I will just glance at the chart of Brown because it was he who expressed an interest in astrology. Using 12 noon local time positions for the planets. The first thing that jumps out is he was born some 5 or 6 days after a solar eclipse in Gemini involving Sun-Jupiter conjunction. The moon is out of the shadow of this event and the energy can be more objective. I'm guessing a morning birth for him which would put his moon in late Leo.He strikes me as a Leo moon, I've only seen him once, at a public forum. His wife is named for the goddess of the Moon. He has taken on much of the limelight for the discoveries through his website and personable nature further leading me to suspect a Leo Moon. Perhaps I'll see his actual birthchart floating around the web somewhere and get to wipe all the egg off my face :-)

The stellium in Gemini, communication technology, Sun/Jupiter conjunction there, he has been highly successful at it i.e. computer programs to track down these new discoveries and communicate these findings on his website. The Uranus/Pluto opposition stands out, particularly because of the quincunx aspect to Eris at 11 Aries 28-29. I've mentioned several months ago that Eris in quincunx seems to indicate the potential of some sort of "discordant synthesis" in a persons life if they grasp this potential.Aries (pioneering) Eris(pushing out the boundaries) quincunx Uranus(technology) conjunct Pluto (in depth investigation) in Virgo (everything in its right place). Well that was a mouthfull.

The second quincunx I would like to mention is the one transiting Eris is making to Mr. Brown's natal Mars at 19 Virgo 25.(unfortunately I don't know his birthtime so I'm using 12noon local.This aspect would have been exact in his chart sometime in the mid 1990s, possibly after the discovery of Quaoar. This aspect would give an energetic immediacy to his natal quincunx between Eris and Uranus/Pluto.Maybe this latent energy within him could be expressed by him very strongly now in his scientific endeavor.

(An aside) I've seen the Eris transit quincunx to natal Mars before in a science chart. Robert Goddard (b. Oct 5, 1882) launched the first liquid fueled rocket on March 16, 1926. It went 40 feet into the air. Eris, at 0 degree Aries was in quincunx to his natal Mars in the beginning of Scorpio. Well, this little endeavor certainly carried the phallic Mars in Scorpio imprint! Here was Eris pushing at the boundaries of gravitational barriers that science would physically transcend. Goddard would live long enough to see the device he pioneered used with terrible effect against England in the form of Germany's V-2 rockets.

At any rate, Eris in transit makes a yod to Mr. Brown's natal Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio. Although he has a very objective scientific view his mind is also open to the mystery and possibilities of astrology. He actual enjoys the fact that astrology can create a story that connects a person to the cosmos in a way that science has denied is even possible for so long. So does Mr. Brown represent a throwback toward the classical scientist/astrologers like Kepler and Galileo, or does he represent a new scientific awakening to the depth and mystery of our existance that astrologers have known about since the art began? (Dramatic pause, music, fadeout)

So those are just some rough chart sketches of one member of the dwarf-planet discovering team. I think others could do a better and much more thorough job than I just did, but I couldn't sleep lastnight and needed something to occupy a restless mind, next time I'll just try meditation... Without a doubt these people's discoveries represent a great step ahead into the unknown for both science and the art of astrology. :-)

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