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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 01/29/2008 21:09:44 ET
Subject: Sai Baba

Message Detail:

Sathya Sai Baba is a South Indian guru, religious leader, orator and often described as a Godman and a miracle worker. Sathya Sai Baba is the figurehead to a number of free educational institutions, charitable organizations and service projects that are spread over 10,000 centers in 166 countries around the world
Sai Baba has been referred to as a cult figure. Reports of various cult watch groups also allege that Sai Baba and the organization indulges in tight mind control of its followers There have been allegations that he sexually abused male devotees. He has also been accused of actually doing sleight of hand magic tricks instead of miracles of materializing objects.

November 23, 1926
6:23 AM

The Keywords are from Philip Sedgwick:

Eris in 0'03 Aries
trine Ascendant in 29'09 - '53
trine Sun in 29'58 Scorpio in 1st - '04
trine Venus in 0'21 Sagittarius in 1st - '18
trine Saturn in Saturn in 28'49 Scorpio - 1'13
quincunx Midheaven in 0'09 Virgo - '06
Positive - liberation from addictions to success or status, clear priorities regarding matters of love and money, finally getting you can't take it with you and applying full resourcefulness in life, recognition of the potency of one's energy and life force, clear sense of the sacred marriages: spirit to body, self to Creator, between soulful companions, personal sense of emergence.
Negative - greed, workaholism, believe that you must take over for God, general sense of being forsaken, condemned or abandoned, lack of spiritual regard for life, superficial, status oriented.
Mundane: promises and vows (both kept and broken), elections and election fraud, intervention by higher powers (troubleshooters, authorities, deity or God), using chaos and disruption as a method of reorganization - i.e., dumping a closet onto the floor, then reorganizing, things that overturn, the scales of justice, battles, disputes, famine, fightings, lawlessness (attributed to her moon, Dysnomia), lies, manslayings, murders, oath, oblivion, quarrels - and the last word therein, sorrows and toil, contention, rivalry, loved the spilling of blood on the battlefield, the fifth day of the month, gluttony, gloating, the nurse of war
Ceremonial: capitulation ceremonies, vows to create order from chaos, intent to right wrongdoing, abundance ceremonies)

Chaos in 00'47 Pisces
oppose Midheaven - '37
square Sun - '48
square Venus - '26
square Ascendant - 1'37
sesquiquadrate Pluto - '06
(Positive - orderly in the face of confusion, goes with the flow, mellow and non-stressed
Negative - worked up, paranoid, projecting fears, assuming disaster is a step away
Mundane - fractal patterns and analysis, big bang theory, chaos theory,
Ceremonial - meditating upon de-materialization, cleansing and re-materializing, dismemberment (shamanic reconstruction)

Nessus in 15'27 Aries
square Moon - 3'28
sesquiquadrate Sun - '29
sesquiquadrate Venus - '06
sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '17
parallel Uranus - '02
(Positive - generous, benevolent, compassionate, willing to lend a helping hand, cooperative, respectful of boundaries, aware of the power of life force energy, healthy use of sexual energy
Negative - coveting, possessive, jealous, vengeful, manipulative, resorting to negative alchemy for personal gain, negative use of sexual energy
Mundane - bad blood between parties, feuds over money especially regarding relationship dissolution, diseases transmitted by blood, transport ferries over water, potions, tonics and elixirs designed to cast spells, therapy specifically designed for healing sexual or monetary issues
Ceremonial - prosperity ceremonies, sexual healing rituals, ceremonies involving Earth fertility)

Sedna 15'12 Aries
square Pluto - '28
sesquiquadrate Sun - '14
sesquiquadrate Venus - '08
Sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '03
parallel Uranus - '20
(Positive - a forgiving disposition, discernment, clarity of perception, recognition of free will and choice, responsible, conscious of consequence, far thinking, dharma-oriented, does the homework of life
Negative - victimization, abuse, being deceived, history of betrayal, bitterness, “gold digging” attitude in relationship, transfers blame to others, numbs out, goes unconscious
Mundane - blubber, products made from sea mammals, whaling, diving bells that go into the dark of the sea, emotional healing, forgiveness, sorrow, engagement, masks, flight of the birds
Ceremonial - cleansing in the sea, propitiation to the sea, sea creatures, use of sea creature talismans (walrus tusk carvings, scrimshaw), ceremony with masks of sea creatures, ceremonial masks in general)

Ixion in 23'30 Virgo
oppose Uranus - 2'04
semisquare Ceres - '32
contraparallel Sun - '09
contraparallel Venus - '08
contraparallel Ascendant - '01
(According to Mark Andrew Holmes:Astrologically, Ixion signifies busy-ness, workaholism, lust to acquire or possess, materialism and its consequences, lack of appreciation or gratitude, to take things for granted, being on a treadmill, being without regrets, being harmed by one's own creations or ingenuity or through something artificial, hubris, karma, rediscovering something simpler, strength through joy, creating trouble, creating change, lust for life, charisma, inventiveness, ingenuity, having one's mistakes or evil take on a life of their own, passing problems down through the generations, "breaking eggs in order to make omelets", "taking the tiger by the tail.")

2003 EL61 in 00'31 Leo
trine Sun - '32
trine Venus - '10
trine Ascendant - 1'21
trine Saturn - 1'41
semisextile Midheaven - '21
(Positive: Soulful confidence, an unshakeable personal inner knowing.
Negative : Insecure and attention demanding. Dramatic. Egocentric. A bully disposition. Forces head-on collisions.
Mundane: Self awareness programs. Portraits and or caricatures. “Spin” as in political or media framing of events. Affinity or family bonds with those similar in nature.
Ceremonial: Affirmations. Soul-based capitulation ceremonies (surrendering ego to spirit). Ceremonies in which a mask is removed (unmasking of the great Hopi kachina Saquasohuh))

Huya in 28'41 Gemini
sextile Midheaven - 1'28
quincunx Saturn - '08
quincunx Ascendant - '28
(Positive - focused, dedicated, attentive
Negative - fretful, worrying and obsessive
Mundane - attention to detail, religious or spiritual ritual - especially of a repetitive nature.
Ceremonial - capitulation and clearing ceremonies, offerings to spirits, especially those perceived to oversee the underworld)

Karma in 8'44 Scorpio
oppose Mars - 2'52
trine North Lunar Node - 1'07
parallel Sun - '08
parallel Venus - '24
parallel Ascendant - '18

Raymond Andrews

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