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Posted By: E Chi on: 01/15/2008 13:38:48 ET
Subject: Sedna is more freedomishier than Orcus...

Message Detail:
Sedna is more freedomishier than Orcus because even though Orcus was conjunct Uranus during the Emancipation Proclamation, which was interesting, Sedna was near the 0 degree Aries point, which is of course a hot point when we look at outer planet transits to it. So Sedna is all about the freedomiest freedom that we can project out there, a Statue of Liberty on the rim of space, a lighthouse in the darkness, while all other planets are mired in gravitational slavery to the sun, mere beggars at the table of liberation...ok, just kidding, happy early April 1st :-)

Harriet Tubman who helped to liberate hundreds of slaves during the mid 19th century might have been amused at the notion of a "planet of liberation". See, to her freedom was a star which didn't move. She led her freedom caravans at night using the North Star to guide their travel to Canada. All planets are subject to motion around the Sun, they wax and they wain. To ascribe such a broad and basic condition as "freedom" to any one planet(oid) might be a bit of a stretch there. Just my own belief.

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