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Posted By: E Chi on: 01/4/2008 23:04:38 ET
Subject: TNOs and the Pre-Raphaelites...

Message Detail:
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a movement in English painting that began in September 1848 with a group hanging out at John Millais' place. They were fed up with the unoriginal conventionality that Post-Renaissance painting had fallen into under the influence of Raphael, thus the movement's name. This group included Millais, William Hunt, William Rossetti, Thomas Woolner, James Collinson and Frederick Stephens. Close to the core of the Pre-Raphaelites were the poet painters (and tragic couple) Dante Gabriel Rossetti (b. May 12, 1828) and Elizabeth Sidall (b. July 25, 1829).

The Brotherhood started in September 1848 under the Neptune/Eris conjunction in the first degrees of Pisces, less than 1 degree apart.Orcus and Quaoar were still in their long opposition at 3 degrees Sagittarius and Gemini respectively.(This year saw revolution break out throughout Europe, the Communist Manifesto and the start of the women's rights movement in upstate New York)

Dante Rossetti was born under the long Orcus/Quaoar opposition, near exact. Mercury in Taurus is conjunct his natal Quaoar within 2 degrees, opposing his natal Jupiter in Scorpio which is conjunct his natal Orcus within 2 degrees. Elizabeth Siddal was born under the same Quaoar/Orcus opposition. Quaoar is on her natal Chiron in Taurus. While the other painters frequently used her as a model in their works and highly idealized her, her own self portraits show her in a wholly different and unglamourous light. Rossetti put off marrying her because Elizabeth was on a lower class level in Victorian society. Her emotional suffering became physical suffering over the years until she finally became dependant on the highly addictive painkiller laudanum. Rossetti finally did marry her, but her first child was stillborn. She became despondant and soon died in a laudanum overdose, possibly a suicide. Rossetti continued painting her, idealizing her as Dante's "Beatrice" in one famous painting. He himself succumbed to a drug overdose some years later.

The goals of the Pre-Raphaelites (according to Wikipedia)were to express genuine ideas, to study nature closely in order to know how to express their ideas, to love what is genuine and heartfelt from previous art and exclude what was unoriginal and self-parodying, and to create excellent pictures and sculpture. You can read about them online and view their paintings, and see just how excellent these artists were!

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