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Posted By: epsilon chi on: 12/30/2007 23:57:48 ET
Subject: transneptunian art cntd...

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just to step up a dimension here and consider modern sculpture. Auguste Rodin (b. Nov 12, 1840), probably best known for his statue of "The Thinker", is considered by many to be the first "modern" sculptor. He had a Sun/Orcus conjunction in Scorpio within about 3 degrees.

Alexander Calder (b. July 22,1898), best known for his inventions of the "mobile" and the "stabile" had a Sun/Quaoar conjunction in Leo within about 5 degrees. Calder had a natal Sun at 0 degrees Leo and I thought this might be reflected in the balance inherent in his hanging sculptures, a poise between Sun and Moon. i was then amazed to read in a brief online biography of his life that he was originally an engineer, and was working as a fireman in a ship's boiler room on a trip from New York to San Francisco. He awoke one morning on deck to see a wonderful Sun rising and a Full Moon setting in the West. He devoted his life to art shortly thereafter and would refer to this experience often.

Well, to wrap up this thread, many great artists don't have these transneptune conjunctions, some do. But right now i really don't know what the great difference is between Quaoar and Orcus. Scorpio is secretive and these bodies may be very subtle, more subtle than Pluto at least ;-)

By the way, i have a Sun/Quaoar conjunction in Libra, within 2 degrees, and i can't paint for sour apples! and i can't sculpt for sour apples either, though i have tried. it was just never that important for me to do so. i've heard that artists create because they have to. i never felt compelled to do so though i have taken drawing courses.

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