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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 12/16/2007 17:28:04 ET
Subject: Eris in Mu'Min Bey

Message Detail:

Mu'Min Bey is a Western and Vedic Astrologer of African American descent. He does Astrology from an African American perspective. He tends to write about social issues in regards to African Americans. His writing about them has caused controversy,and so he has been accused of stirring stuff up. He's the only astrologer that I have ever seen that posted about these things which I feel are important things that should be written about. Reading his posts got me interested in checking out social issues too. These things can definitely seem taboo...especially if you write posts about racism. Of course, I feel connection to him because he and I are into Astrology and share African American ancestry.

I checked to see what Eris is doing in his chart in regards to
stirring stuff up,controversy and race relations. He just seems the Erisian type to me.

I used the following asteroids in the following 3 charts signifying people of African descent
(11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger)

His chart:
His Sun in 10'30 Sagittarius in 11th
His Eris in 11'15 Aries Retrograde in 3rd
His Africa in 12'12 Leo in 7th
(His grand trine of Sun,Africa,Eris.....with Eris in tight opposition to Sun/Africa Midpoint. looks like can easily stir stuff..especially when communicating)
I also think that it could be good for bringing race relations issues
into consciousness and raising awareness about them,and he does write
about social issues in regards to African Americans. He could be an
advocate/activist too.)

My chart:
Africano in 12'38 Aries Retrograde in 8th
Eris in 12'15 Aries Retrograde in 8th
Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini
Africa in 11'15 Aries in 8th
Chiron in 10'32 Aries Retrograde in 8th
Lunar Nodes in 10'29 Aquarius in 5th/Leo in 11th
(his Eris sextile my Midheaven with only 1 minute of arc and trine my
Africa exact,and that could that we are both connected through our
shared African American heritage. His Africa is trine my Eris with 2
minutes of arc. His Sun conjunct my Imum Coeli and trine my
Chiron-Africa also indicates our shared African American heritage that
has involved pain,wounds. A double whammy of an almost Eris trine Africa
seems rather significant.)

He was the first astrologer that I saw talk about African Slavery Chart which he uses to look at race relations involving African Americans. He considers it the chart for Black America.
Its Eris in 11'14 Gemini exactly conjunct my Midheaven,sexile my Africa with 1 minute of arc
and oppose his Sun with 44 minutes of arc could indicate that he and I are connected to each other through African slavery.....whether we were victims and/or perpetrators of slavery.

Sabian Symbol for 11'14 Gemini (12 Gemini) - A Black Slave-Girl
Demands Her Rights Of Her Mistress

His chart:
Ascendant in 15'25 Capricorn
Moon in 14'54 Taurus in 4th
Niger in 14'16 Taurus Retrograde in 4th
Mars in 14'04 Libra in 9th
Black in 12'52 Taurus Retrograde in 4th
(With Moon-Black-Niger conjunction in Taurus reflects his being Black including his mother,roots as well as being conservative which he says that he is......Moon conj Mars in 9th quincunx Niger might indicate experiencing racism including called racial slurs).

He makes strong connections to my chart:
Ascendant in 13'27 Virgo
Niger in 13'47 Scorpio in 3rd
Uranus in 15'17 Libra in 2nd
(We both have close Niger-Ascendant to reflect our shared Black
ancestry. His Moon-Niger-Black trine Ascendant forms a kite with my
Ascendant sextile Niger,and so that could indicate that he feels
connected to me through our shared Black ancestry. My Uranus quincunx his Moon could indicate that I am too liberal for him. I am very liberal.....especially socially liberal with my ptolemaic unaspected Uranus in Libra reflecting my being liberal in relationships like interracial relationships and my belief that gay marriage should be a right.

His chart:
Africano in 6'32 Libra in 2nd
Lunar Nodes in 7'49 Aries in 2nd/Libra in 8th
Mercury in 8'00 Sagittarius
(Mercury sextile Africa-South Node conjunction in Libra can indicate communication about social issues about African Americans)

My chart:
Jupiter in 8'17 Sagittarius in 3rd
(His Mercury in 8'00 Sagittarius is conjunct my Jupiter in 8'17
Sagittarius in 3rd,and indicate he and I are connected through communicating about
racial issues.)

His Chart:
Jupiter in 2'31 Libra
Uranus in 3'23 Libra
(it seems like free spirited

My Chart:
Moon in 3'11 Pisces
(His Jupiter-Uranus quincunx my Moon can be a social activist connection which could be rather conflicting,tension-filled) My Uranus quincunx his Moon,and so a double whammy....can be rather unstable emotional connection and even feel out of sync with each other...which is true as he's a conservative,and I am a liberal as well as share different beliefs with his being a muslim and my beliefs fit in with Unitarian Universalism,Neopaganism,New Age,New Thought.

Mu'Min Bey
Dec 2, 1968
Philadelphia, PA.

My data:
October 29, 1971
3:20 AM
San Francisco,CA

American Slavery
Aug 30 1619
10.15AM LMT
(The chart itself is based on the research of well known Mundane Astrologer Marc Penfield, seen in the book "Astrology Looks at History", edited by Noel Tyl, 1995, in the chapter called, "Lincoln, The South & Slavery".)

Follow ups:

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