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Posted By: Mark on: 12/12/2007 23:25:29 ET
Subject: RE: Orcus, correction...

Message Detail:

I didn't read your part about Cancer.

My Mom has Orcus in 1st conj Ascendant in Cancer with 11 minutes of arc.

Moon in Scorpio contraparallel Orcus with 52 minutes of arc.
Mercury in Cancer parallel Orcus with 39 minutes of arc.
Venus in Cancer parallel Orcus with 28 minutes of arc.
Uranus in Cancer parallel Orcus with 16 minutes of arc.
Pluto in Leo parallel Orcus with 39 minutes of arc.
North Node in Capricorn contraparallel Orcus with 8 minutes of arc.

She had cervical cancer and had her uterus removed because of it when she was 24 years old, and I was 6 at the time.

She has Moon in Scorpio in 5th square Pluto in Leo in 3rd though. She has Saturn in Scorpio in 5th. I thought those were indicates for her cancer.

I have Sun in Scorpio contraparallel Orcus with 1 minute of arc and Pluto parallel Orcus with 47 minutes of arc. and I hope that I don't get cancer. I have Venus trine Orcus in 11th with 40 minutes of arc.
When I was growing up, I had morbid thoughts about me dying young.
If I do have cancer,it could be another thing that I can be an advocate for.

My girlfriend has Moon in Scorpio in 7th/8th square Orcus in Leo in 5th/6th with 58 minutes of arc. Saturn in Scorpio in 7th/8th square Orcus with 25 minutes of arc. I hope that she doesn't get cancer either. I hope that she doesn't die young. I'd rather it be me.

Hi Raymond, it looks like Orcus is something that we can study further in regards to Cancer crisis, but Pluto is also strong there and shouldn't be ignored. I wouldn't worry too much about dying though, for me that sounds like it would be a vacation. it's living that provides all the worthwhile challenges though. :-)

My older brother died of leukemia in early October 1979, after two years of treatment. Orcus was at 0 degree Leo but doesn't do much there in my chart or family members charts. Pluto however was right on my natal Venus at18+ degrees Libra. Venus is also the Yin ruler of my sunsign Libra.Needless to say it was devastating and i also carried around a heavy guilt for his death for years afterward, for things i had said to him in a rage some weeks before he fell sick (Natal Mercury 3rd house Scorpio, conjunct Neptune, lunar south node) My father (a Cancer with Capricorn Moon) died of a rare cancer in his backbone in 2000, Pluto was on my IC. Again Orcus wasn't doing much in my own chart at the time.

i've been studying the charts of some famous artists for a couple of days. Salvador Dali's mother died of breast cancer in February, 1921. Orcus was at 5 degrees Taurus in transit over his natal Yin Sun ruler Venus at 4 Taurus 35. i haven't yet studied Orcus in detail but S(he) seems pretty relevant and worth further study.

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