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Posted By: ex on: 12/12/2007 14:22:41 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna and the Last Generation...

Message Detail:
Sorry to come off as a preachy doomsayer but we need to realize the challenge we all face as a species. 200,000 years ago in Africa the Homo ercti were fine, running around with little heads like all proper Homo erectusses did. Suddenly (evolution-wise) a weird tribe appeared amongst them with big heads, making weird sounds. Well obviously it was painful to give birth to these big-headed freaks ("You will bear children with intense pain and suffering"Gen 3:16) but they went on to fill the planet. But will intelligence prove to be an evolutionary advantage if humanity vanishes after only 200,000 years?

Human diversity is a condition placed upon us by the planet. It takes about only 20,000 years for a polar people to lose their melanin in order to make better use of sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. It takes the same length for these same people to collectively gain melanin at the tropics in order to protect them from UV radiation. In other words, skin color is not about race, it is a temporary condition placed on groups of humanity according to their Earthly needs. There is only one race.

Anyway, i try to post only when i feel i have something original to say but i made an exception today because i felt it needed to be said, and now having said it i will let it rest, we are aware enough to know the sword of climate change hangs above us all.

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