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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 12/10/2007 23:27:19 ET
Subject: Eris - Racist Scientist James Watson Having Black Genes

Message Detail:
April 6, 1928
1:23 AM
NEW YORK, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- A U.S. scientist who was fired in New York after suggesting blacks are less intelligent than whites likely had a black ancestor, a genome analysis has found.

A genome analysis performed on the DNA of James Watson, a 1962 Nobel Prize winner in medicine who was fired from a New York research laboratory after suggesting black Africans are not as intelligent as whites, found that 16 percent of the scientist's genes likely came from a black ancestor of African descent, The Independent reported Monday.

I checked out Eris and its Nodes.
I checked the asteroids, 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger for Black/African descent
as well as 55555 DNA

Watson Black DNA News published
December 10, 2007
4:32 PM
New York,New York

James Watson
April 6, 1928
1:23 AM

Sun in 18'27 Sagittarius
Niger in 19'30 Virgo
Neptune in 19'42 Aquarius
Eris in 20'32 Aries Retrograde
(Sun,Neptune,Eris minor grand trine and Niger,Neptune,Eris yod could indicate dissolving racial bigotry involving blacks)

Watson's Natal Saturn in 19'04 Sagittarius Stationary Retrograde in 11th
(rigid,conservative beliefs about race and humanity)

Transiting Sun,Neptune,Eris minor grand trine and Niger aspecting Watson's stationary Saturn in Sagittarius in 11th could indicate the possible dissolving old belief systems in regards to race and humanity due to the reality of his being part black.

North Eris Node in 5'35 Taurus
Venus in 6'16 Scorpio
South Eris Node in 6'58 Scorpio
Africa in 7'00
Black in 7'15 Aquarius
(Venus conjunct and oppose South/North Eris Nodes could be values in connection to the collective karma that involves tolerance of diversity in regards to Blacks/Africans

DNA in 29'13 Libra
Africano in 1'00 Scorpio
Watsonia in 2'16 Leo Retrograde

Watson's Natal Moon in 28'58 Libra

Watson's Eris in 1'13 Aries
(DNA showing Watson's African ancestry)

Transiting Africano quincunx Watson's Eris and Transiting DNA conjunct Watson's Moon can indicate the findings of his DNA affecting him and needing to revise his attitudes about blacks.

Watson's Solar Arc Sun in 3'10 Cancer
Watson's Solar Arc Jupiter in 3'23 Cancer

Progressed Moon in 3'34 Libra

Watson Natal Black in 3'46 Aries
(Watson's Solar Arc Sun,Jupiter squaring his Natal Black seems to indicate expansive conscioussness about his being part black and his secondary progressed Moon oppose Black could indicate feeling conflicted about being part black)

Watson's Solar Arc Ascendant in 1'08 Aries

Watson's Natal Eris in 1'12 Aries
(Watson's Solar Arc Ascendant conjunct Natal Eris seems to indicates possible issues involving diversity,racism,bigotry)

Raymond N. Andrews

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