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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 12/9/2007 16:26:10 ET
Subject: Eris - Revision of Directive 15 to Recognize the Multiracial

Message Detail:
Revision of Statistical Directive 15 on October 30, 1997 gave people
the option to select one or more racial designations. Recommended
forms for the instruction accompanying the multiple response question
are "Mark one or more" and "Select one or more. It was used for 2000

"Check Only One Box."

This is every multiracial American's challenge: how to fit their
ancestry into one box.

To be "Native American" you had to prove you had enough Native blood
to qualify, or that you had a standing membership in one of the
government-recognized tribes.

On the other hand, one drop of black blood seemed to take away any
choice in the matter even if you appeared mixed or noticeably carried
other traits of some other race. One drop was all it took to be "Black."

"White" was relegated to the pure and untainted, of only-European

"Hispanic," on the other hand, was as the only ethnic category for all
of the Latino population regardless of race; whether dark-skinned,
pale-skinned, of predominantly native ancestry, or multiracial,
membership in this category only required a shared language.

I was one of the 2.4 percent(6.8 million) of Americans that mark down
multiple boxes(in my case,Black,White,Hispanic,Native American) for
the 2000 Census after a lifetime dealing with issues about
what to pick for race on forms and often picking other. It was great
to finally have my multiracial background to be officially
acknowledged and not forced to fit in one box according to what
society thinks that I should be. No multiracial person should have to
go through that. The "one drop rule" was created to ban interracial
relationships,and so it should have died with the June 12, 1967
Supreme Court ruling Loving vs. Virginia which abolished all
interracial marriages bans.

October 30, 1997 which is one day after my birthday. I have Sun
conjunct/oppose South/North Eris Nodes.
Noon because of unknown time

I chose 6000 United Nations in regards to multiethnic background. My
maternal grandfather referred to our multiethnic family as "United
Nations" to my mom who laughed a little along with me. United Nations
asteroid seems to fit me with my chart with my United Nations conjunct
Antivertex with 16 minutes of arc and Ceres with 1'17 orb,sextile
Uranus in Libra in 2nd with 3 minutes of arc,semisquare Pluto in Libra
in 1st with 36 minutes of arc.

Sun in 7'18 Scorpio
Chiron in 7'32 Scorpio
South Eris Node in 6'03 Scorpio
North Eris Node in 6'00 Taurus
(Sun conj Chiron seems to indicate a bridge between ethnicities, Sun
conjunct/oppose South/North Eris Nodes seem like connected to
collective karmic issues involving ethnic diversity)

Lunar Nodes in 18'51 Virgo/Pisces
Mercury in 17'50 Scorpio
Eris in 18'29 Aries

(Eris quincunx the sextile of Mercury-North Lunar Node.......this
means that Eris opposes Mercury/Node midpoint which would seem to fit
with reporting of multiethnic ancestry in regards to recognition of
ethnic diversity)

Mercury semisquare United Nations - '19
(fits with the reporting of multiethnic ancestry)

Venus in 24'12 Sagittarius
Mars in 22'53 Sagittarius
(Venus conjunct Mars in Sagittarius seems to fit right in with
interracial relationships and sex that leads to producing multiethnic

Pluto in 4'24 Sagittarius
Uranus in 4'50 Aquarius
(Uranus sextile Pluto in Aquarius seems to indicate changes,reform in
regards to the perception of race)

Raymond N. Andrews

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