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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 12/8/2007 23:24:18 ET
Subject: Eris - Tiger Woods

Message Detail:
Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer who is considered of the most successful golfers all time.
Woods has won 13 professional major golf championships, the second-most of any male player, and 61 PGA Tour events, the fifth-most of all time. He is the first black and the first asian golfer to win the Masters. He has more career major wins and career PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer. He was a prodigy who started playing golf at the age of 2.

Woods, who is multiethnic, has helped generate a great multicutural interest in Golf. Tiger's father is half African American, 1/4 Native American,and 1/4 Chinese. His mother is half Thai, 1/4 Chinese,and 1/4 Dutch. He defies the "one drop rule"(If you have any black in you,you're black) and refers to his ethnic make-up as Cablinasian (a portmanteau term he coined from Caucasian, Black, American-Indian, and Asian). Woods is a Buddhist. He has said that his faith was acquired from his mother and that it helps control both his stubbornness and impatience. He is an interracial marriage with Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model,and they have a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods.

Tiger has established several charities and youth projects. Tiger Woods Foundation's main focus to help disadvantaged children to become better people. In The City Golf Clinics is a three-day junior golf event includes tickets to Disney Resorts; a pitch, putt and drive skills tournament; a junior golf clinic; and an exhibition by Tiger Woods. As part of the junior golf clinics, TWF works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to bring at least one Make-A-Wish child to each clinic. These children are given the opportunity to meet Tiger, take some photos with him and talk to him about anything they choose. Tiger Woods Learning Center Tiger Woods Learning Center is educational facility that includes day program for grades 4 to 6 and an after school program for grades 7 to 12, summer programs, weekend and community outreach programs and online learning programs,and feature extensive multi-media facilities and an outdoor golf teaching area.
Tiger Jam is an annual fundraising concert which has raised over $10 million for the Tiger Woods Foundation. Target World Challenge: An annual off-season charity golf tournament. The event also carries generous prize money, but Woods donates his winnings to his foundation. Tiger Woods Foundation National Junior Golf Team is an eighteen member team which competes in the annual Junior World Golf Championships. Woods has also participated in charity work for his current caddy, Steve Williams. On April 24, 2006 Woods won an auto racing event that benefited the Steve Williams Foundation to raise funds to provide sporting careers for disadvantaged youth.

December 30, 1975
Cypress, California
10:50 pm

So I checked Eris in regards to race relations,ethnic diversity, and advocacy.

I also checked the ethnic asteroids 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger,10730 White,4478 Blanco

also....1125 China,1236 Thais

Jupiter in 15'29 Aries in 7th
Eris in 12'54 Aries Stationary Direct in 7th
Black in 12'05 Aries in 7th
Neptune in 12'30 Sagittarius in 3rd
Pluto in 11'39 Libra in 1st

(planet that is stationary direct is a strong planetary energy, Eris is such a slow moving planet, that it is rare for Eris to be stationary, and so can be a very significant placement......all the aspects to Eris would be much stronger. Tiger Woods is a person who defies the status quo in regards to the outdated "one drop" rule for blacks and symbol of ethnic diversity with his own multiethnic background,interracial marriage with Elin, and their child as well. He has broken the color barrier to winning the Masters and getting more ethnic minorities in golf leading to the perception that golf is not just for white people as it is being dominated by a person of a color.

Eris quintile Midheaven - '49 could be an indicator of his diverse heritage and advocacy
(same aspect as mulatto actress, Halle Berry who is also a Diabetes advocate stemming from her own Diabetes)..his aspect is much strong with his Eris being stationary

Venus sesquiquadrate Eris - '38 could reflect his interracial marriage....especially with the stationary Eris in the 7th which makes that aspect much stronger.

Sun in 8'58 Capricorn in 4th
Blanco in 8'50 Taurus in 8th
(could indicate harmonious relations with white people,4th house could be having some white roots or living with white people like his wife..8th house could be sexual relations with whites like his wife)

Blanco sesquiquadrate Ascendant - '43
Blanco semisquare his Midheaven - '15
(could fit with his being part white from his mother, his white wife,and his child being part white)

Sun squares Black with 2'07 orb
(He is part black from his father who is 1/2 black
Some astrologers say that asteroids should have only 1 to 2 degree orb,but I am not really sure if there should be any hard set rules..feeling that one's life is more important than astrologers' rules...after all,human life can't be fully measured under a microsope and dissected.....also the stronger the orb,the stronger the aspect....the weaker the orb,the weaker the maybe Tiger's Sun square Black which would be considered too wide could reflect that his black heritage is less than other blacks.)

Mercury in 26'25 Capricorn in 4th
China in 25'29 Virgo in 1st
Ascendant in 24'33 Virgo
Midheaven in 24'04 Gemini
Chiron in 23'36 Aries Stationary Direct in 8th
Moon in 22'23 Sagittarius in 3rd (conjunct Imum Coeli)
White in 21'59 Leo Retrograde in 11th
(Moon trine White could reflect not only his white wife, but also his mother who is 1/4 white too), I have Moon conj White within 1 degree,and my mom and girlfriend are white....I also wonder if Chiron involved could be like heritage that involves creating a bridge between people of different ethnic groups.
Chiron is stationary,and so it's a strong Chiron energy. He has Chiron sextile Midheaven like me,and I am multiethnic in an interracial relationship.
His China in 1st conjunct Ascendant square his midheaven indicate his Chinese heritage/appearance. Moon square China with 3'05 orb could indicate having Chinese ancestry from his mother. Mercury in 4th trine China in 1st could reflect his Chinese heritage.

Africano in 19'06 Pisces in 6th
Africa in 20'51 Pisces in 6th
Lunar Nodes in 20'56 Scorpio in 2nd/Taurus in 8th
(This could indicate his African Heritage which he transcends,the dissolving of his African heritage because he is more than just African.

Sun quintile Africa - '06
(this could indicate his being part African from his father,as well as being gifted that can help others who have African descent)

Africa in 6th sesquiquadrate Uranus - '30 - can indicate rebelling against the notion of being a routine black person because of his multiethnic background.

Africa oppose Ascendant with 3'42 orb and square his Midheaven with 3'13 orb would be considered be too wide by astrologers, but this would seem to reflect that his African heritage and his African appearance is considerably less than the average African American. Africano square Midheaven Midheaven with 4'59 can also indicate the same thing.
Mars in 9th square Africano with 1'32 orb could indicate racial issues like a lot of blacks don't like that he doesn't class himself as black but embraces all his heritages. His Moon square Africa in 6th with 1'31 orb could reflect his feelings and being black in routine life conflict. His Moon square Africano in Pisces 6th with 3'17 orb is weak,but could add to that theme.. After all,he's mixed..he's not all black. With the Africa-Africano in Pisces,he transcends being black. Also..people who are mixed with black and another ethnicity are often referred to as being "confused" by many blacks. but at the same,being mixed can lead to a belief in unity,universal love,and to transcend all ethnicities.

Saturn in 1'06 Leo in 10th
Niger in 1'15 Libra in 1st
(With Saturn sextile Niger, this could indicate his being part black from his father, and with Niger in 1st, people can see that he's part black and many blacks see him as being black because many believe in the "one drop rule"

Niger quintile Neptune - '45 - transcending the black identity(defying the "one drop rule")

Thais in 6'54 Sagittarius in 3rd
Uranus in 6'21 Scorpio in 2nd
(could reflect his relatives that are Thai and his selfworth in connected to that)

Thais quintile Ascendant - '22
(indicate his appearace of being Thai from his heritage)

Raymond N. Andrews

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