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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 12/8/2007 23:23:04 ET
Subject: Eris - Halle Berry

Message Detail:
As a person who is born to a white mother and black father, I am
interested in Eris in regards to race relations. Interracial
relationships/marriages are like the ultimate race relations. The
children from these unions symbolize the embracing of diversity,and
studies do show that people born from interracial relationships tend
to be very tolerant of diversity.

Halle Berry is a Academy Award,Emmy Award,and Golden Globe Award
Winning Actress who was born to a White Mother and Black Father. She
is now pregnant from her super model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry who is
White French-Canadian. She hired security guards after receiving
threats from racists to her unborn child.

She is one of the most famous mixed black/white celebrities today.
She is the first mixed black/white person and first African American
woman to win a Best Actress Academy Award in "Monster's Ball". She is
one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, and is a long-time
Revlon spokesmodel. Her breakthrough feature film role was in Spike
Lee's Jungle Fever(movie about interracial relationship, in which she
played a drug addict named Vivian. She played a mulatto slave,Queen in
the TV adaption of Queen: The Story of an American Family, based on
the book by Alex Haley who was Queen's grandson. In the 1999 film
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Berry portrayed the first black woman
to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award. In this HBO biopic,
Berry's performance was recognized with several awards, including an
Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Her own self-identification as being Black has been influenced by her
She is quoted as saying
" After having many talks with my mother about the issue, she
reinforced what she had always taught me. She said that even though
you are half black and half white, you will be discriminated against
in this country as a black person. People will not know when they see
you that you have a white mother unless you wear a sign on your
forehead. And, even if they did, so many people believe that you have
an ounce of black blood in you then you are black. So, therefore, I
decided to let folks categorize me however they needed to."

I am also checked out Halle in regards to advocacy which I believe to
be another keyword for Eris.

Halle has type 1 Diabetes,and she works hard to donate her time to
raise money for research for organizations such as the Juvenile
Diabetes Association. In 2004, she became the first national
ambassador of the National Diabetes Education - Diabetes Aware
Campaign with the support of the Entertainment Industry Foundation and
Novo Nordisk. The Diabetes Aware Campaign sponsors a website dedicated
to teaching people with diabetes how to effectively manage their
disease. It also offers a place for family and friends to go to learn
more about diabetes and diabetes management.

I checked out Eris and its nodes in her chart.

I also checked the ethnic asteroids
I used the asteroids, 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766
Niger,10730 White,4478 Blanco

August 14,1966
11:59 pm

Moon in 3'11 Leo in 4th
Mercury in 3'17 Leo in 4th
South Eris Node in 4'12 Scorpio

The planets especially her Moon in 4th squaring South Eris Node could
indicate her diverse heritage as having to deal with
racism,bigotry,and intolerance of her mixed ethnic background as well
as her own tolerance of diversity.

Eris quintile Midheaven - '40 could also be an indicator of her
diverse heritage.

Her Midheaven in 29'01 Capricorn conjunct Africa in 27'56
Capricorn,and trine Black in 29'06 Virgo indicates her Black African
heritage and that she sees herself as being "Black" even though she's
mixed. Retrograde Saturn in 28'43 Pisces opposing Black,sextiling
Midheaven-Africa is in synchronicity with her father being of Black
African heritage. Her Venus in 29'33 Cancer oppose
Midheaven-Africa,sextile Black,and trine Saturn indicates loving
Blacks,and her Black heritage,and her Black father.

Her Sun in 21'53 Leo conjunct White in 22'02 Leo in 4th sextile Ceres
indicates her family heritage of being White from her mother as as
well as part of her animus/her attraction to white men with her
current boyfriend being White and with whom she is going to be a
future mother with. Sun-White squaring her Neptune-Ascendant
opposition can indicate that she could have been seen as confused
about her mixed heritage. Also she and her relationship with her
white boyfriend being misunderstood. A lot of mulattoes are seen as
"confused" Interestingly, Neptune is considered the planet of
mulattoes in Rex E. Bill's Rulership book. Also her Sun square Neptune
can indicate that she doesn't see men clearly as she has has even
acknowledged that she has bad taste in men.

Moon in 3'11 Leo conjunct Blanco in 6'23 Leo could be in synchronicity
with her White mother.
Blanco in 4th oppose Africa in 7'01 Aquarius in retrograde in 10th
squared by Niger in 7'16 Scorpio in 6th could also indicate stress and
tension in regards to having a mixed black and white heritage and
struggling to integrate her identity as a black person in every day
life. It is possible that she was called black racial slurs that
reminded her that she's Black.....especially with the "one drop rule"

Raymond N. Andrews

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