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Posted By: ex on: 12/3/2007 23:46:02 ET
Subject: if life was a 12 bar blues...

Message Detail:
(According to many world traditions creation began as a song from the creator)

i recall some dark days in my late teens. Heavy classloads in college and heavy workloads at the lumberyard and no social life.i fell asleep in bed one afternoon before going to work, exhausted, depressed, the radio music playing softly. i slowly awoke to the sound of an old blues song. Just an old man and guitar. His guitar rang like summer rain and his voice sang of sweet sorrow and sunshine, and something in me was healed. Anyway, it occured to me that the original song of creation could have been an old blues song. Or it could have been more like elevator music but for the sake of argument we'll say it was a basic 12 bar blues in 4/4 time.

Astrology is about our lives, holographically encoded with the sum of creation, and our individual interactions with those energies and each other. How does our solarsystem look as a 12 bar blues?

Well, the first line of the blues says it. The second line repeats it, and the third line completes it. For instance, Elvis Presley's "You aint nothing but a hound dog" is a 12 bar blues. The following would also be an example, if it actually existed;

(The Creation Blues)

In the beginning God created
The heavens and the Earth

In the beginning God created
The heavens and the Earth

And on the seventh day She rested
Cause it's so painful giving birth

Astrologically the first line of the "Creation Blues" would be the personal planets, Sun + Mercury + Venus + Earth/Luna

The second line, repeating, would be the trans-Earth planets Mars + Ceres (and asteroids)+ Jupiter + Saturn

The third line, completing, would be Chiron (and Centaurs) + Uranus + Neptune + Pluto (and Kuiper Belt)

Notice that the Creation Blues puts certain planets in resonance with one another. Sun, Mars and Centaurs. Then Mercury, Ceres and Uranus. Then Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Finally Earth/Luna, Saturn and Kuiper Belt. This brings us to a simple concept...

Planetary Resonance-
Some astrologers feel that the slang term "higher octave" has been overused (i'm guilty of it myself) This phrase puts a spiritual hierarchy on the planets, like, my chart ruler is a higher octave of your chart ruler and that means my God can beat up your God etc. etc. and oh puhleeze... i think a word that some astrologers might actually mean for these sympathetic planets is "resonance". According to the 12 Bar Blues structure of the solar system Mercury is in resonance with Ceres and Uranus. Venus is in resonance with Jupiter and Neptune. Earth/Luna is in resonance with Saturn and the Kuiper belt. (Saturn being more in resonance with the Earth, while Pluto and the Kuiper belt seem to me to be more resonate with Luna.) The Sun is in resonance with Mars, which is easy to fathom, and also The Centaurs between Saturn and Uranus, which is harder to fathom. These seem to be some wild seeds of the Sun.
Anyway, the concept of resonancy seems to take away the hierarchy that some of us find distasteful. Mercury is sacred. Uranus is sacred. Neptune is in resonance with Venus and vice-versa. It also might give some of us a clue as to how to approach the asteroids, the Centaurs and the Kuiper Belt not to mention the traditional planets. That is, unless you decide that the Creation is a Waltz in 3/4 time and dance off your own way...;-)

The exciting thing about the discovery of Eris and the scattered Kuiper objects with orbital periods of at least twice that of Pluto is that they represent the start of a new verse in the Creation Blues. Just how this new verse plays out depends on the temperament of the Universal Creator.

(This post i dedicate to the memory of Mississippi John Hurt, whose little song on the radio 20 years ago made my day)

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