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Posted By: ex on: 11/26/2007 13:02:24 ET
Subject: Orcus/Eris conjunction, March 1902

Message Detail:
now in late March of 1902 we have a major conjunction between two newly discovered dwarf planets, Orcus in the Kuiper belt, and Eris scattered beyond (transformed by Neptune if you will). now here is a perfect opportunity to go a bridge too far and look for meaningful events in this period which might shed light on these bodies.

The enigmatic "Antikythera Mechanism" was discovered by archaeologists on May 17, 1901. it had been retrieved from an ancient shipwreck by sponge divers several months earlier. (Do a websearch for this device, it's surprising and fascinating. many astrologers have probably already seen pictures of it) Orcus and Eris were less than one degree apart at this point in the last decanate of Pisces. Anyway, a couple of years ago on this board people discussed the "Aphrodite Urania" qualities of 2003 UB313 (now Eris) This device certainly embodies the qualities of Urania (Muse of Astrolo/nomy). and maybe Orcus does have something to do with the digging and revelation of our buried spiritual and cultural heritages. Orcus doesn't seem prominent in the unearthing of Tut's tomb by Howard Carter. Although this was a veritable treasure trove the archaeological signifigance was of much less value than other finds. (Or as Idries Shah wrote, "fool's gold exists because there is such a thing as real gold" ;-)

March 1902 events:
A Californian would notice right away that the photographer Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco on Feb 20. a photograph of his appears on the pictures of Earth on the Voyager spacecraft. NASA decided that his photo of natural beauty would best describe to Alien civilizations what our planet Earth looks like.

The "Electric Theatre" opened in Los Angeles on April 2nd, 1902. This was the first motion picture theatre. The conjunction was in Pisces and of course Neptune is associated with the Motion Picture industry and glamour.

In May Cuba gained independence and the 2nd Boer War ended. In June, white women in Australia obtained the right to vote.

In music Enrico Caruso made his first phonograph recordings in Milan on March 18, 1902. Scott Joplin penned "The Entertainer" this year. Ragtime is called the first truly American genre of music, predating jazz.

These are just some rough sketches. i'm hoping someone will be intrigued enough to study these new planets in depth and come to an understanding of what they really mean. and tell us about it if you do, i'd like to know! :-)

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