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Posted By: Anthe on: 11/22/2007 18:32:28 ET
Subject: Quaoar

Message Detail:
When I read an article about Quaoar and the Indigo kids I was fascinated. I was born in 1987 myself and felt my entire life that I was different in some way. Wrong diagnoses, feeling misunderstood while having the feeling that you yourself are extremely receptive, insights that naturally seem to come to you, predictive dreams etc. etc.. it's all part of the picture.
Consequently I also attract people that share those feelings and experiences with me. Not only do I feel more comftable around them, but one of the things that brings you together is the strong feeling that you are at the same wavelenght and together get to some higher understanding.
Now comes the link with Quaoar. Quite interested in astrology myself I immedeately looked up some charts after reading the article. Charts of some of the people I am either close or superficially associated with, but all have one thing in common: they are different and vibrate a higher energy and.. as appeared in their charts, they all had strong Quaoar aspects and were born between 1983 and 1993 (I don't know any people of later years).
Usually not well understood by their surroundings they somehow have something that people notice. Even though they may appear somewhat vague (often because they got a kind of complex after being misunderstood many times throughout their lives and still not fully getting that strange feeling of being different but special at the same time) people sense that they are capable in some way, that they can reach to greater hights. To my observation it appeared to me that those are mainly the fields of the energies represented by the astrological bodies that are aspected with Quaoar.
For instance I found that this guy I know, who is also said by all his friends to be 'different' and who always appeared unusually creative, individualistic, action oriented, strong and energetic to me, had strong positive Quaoar aspects with his Sun and Mars.
Speaking for myself I have strong aspects with my Moon, my Venus, my Chiron and my Amor which to me explained partly why the energies associated with these bodies are so extremely prominent in my life and interaction with people. For example I always attract 'wounded souls' (Chiron) that are sometimes not even (fully) aware of the burden of pain they carry along with them. I usually recognize their kind of pain and try to help them dealing with it while making them aware. Also of the fact that after pain comes healing and that in final you can actually derive great strenght from overcoming your pain. And it somehow always works.
So to me it appears that wherever Quaoar is prominent in the natal chart the individual has a higher energy and message he or she carries inside of him/her and it seems as if they can tap into some higher (collective) conciousness. The individual can use that energy to inspire others, think out of the box and create and reach things for himself but always things that serve a greater purpose. So yes, I believe these people, or so-called 'Indigo's' (I don't know that much about other generations), can make a difference in the future..
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