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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/21/2007 15:04:31 ET
Subject: Eris Exalted in Sagittarius,9th house?

Message Detail:
Mark Andrew Holmes said that Eris could be a high octave of Jupiter.
From the my research and the keywords that Roy MacKinnon and Zane
Stein came up with, I agree with him. It seems Eris is significant in
race relations.
Racism,hate crimes,lynching,segregation,antimiscegenation are the
negative of race relations. Interracial harmony,interracial
marriages,multiracial people are the positive spectrum of race
relations. Sagittarius and 9th house seem to be the sign and house
related to race relations.

I was wondering would it make sense for Eris to be exalted in
Sagittarius and accidentally exalted in 9th house.

I couldn't stop thinking about my 1 degree orb Eris trine Imum Coeli
in Sagittarius reflecting my multiracial family heritage which I
jokingly call "The United Nations" and 7 minute arc Eris trine
Descendant in Sagittarius in my composite chart with my girlfriend
that reflects our interracial relationship.

The Perihelion of Eris exactly conjunct the Aphelion of Jupiter in Libra.
The Aphelion of Eris exactly conjunct the Perihelion of Jupiter in Aries.

That would seem to reflect Eris' diversity.
The first one could be the tolerance of diversity leading to
interracial harmony which could lead to interracial marriage.
The second one could be the intolerance of diversity leading to racism
which could lead to racial violence.

In the Bible, I read about the tower of Babel. Nimrod had workers
building a tower that can reach the heavens. God made the workers
speak in different languages that they couldn't understand each other.
They couldn't communicate with each other. There was chaos and
confusion. This resulted in people being scattered over the earth and
becoming many diverse cultures.

Racial segregationists say "God meant for the races to be separate"
and use the Babel passage to support their beliefs of antimiscegenation.

Others who disagree,and say that diversity is a beautiful that we
should accept as a fact of life and that love should have no
boundaries when it comes to love.
There is a biblical passage of Jesus saying that we should love our
neighbors like ourselves too.

If we humans end up all mixing together, we would all be the same
color just like we have the same color of blood underneath our skins
as it was in the beginning.

Raymond N. Andrews

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