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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/19/2007 13:44:56 ET
Subject: Kuiper Belt and Death

Message Detail:

A lot of modern astrologers say that Pluto is the planet of death,transformation,rebirth.
The thing is that astrologers thought that Pluto was the most distant object in our solar system.
With it being the last object in our solar system , it made sense that Pluto was "the end of the line."
However, since 1992, astronomers have discoverred other objects beyond Neptune which they refer
to as the Kuiper Belt which Pluto is also considered to be a part of. I feel that we have given too much power to Pluto because we didn't know that there were other objects that could be just as powerful but were obscure for many years just like Pluto was before it was discovered in 1930. My belief is that Pluto is not the planet of death,transformation,rebirth,and intensity. I believe the Kuiper Belt has to do with death,transformation,rebirth,and intensity. I am not saying that we overestimated Pluto either. I am saying that maybe we underestimated the other objects in the Kuiper Belt region.

even the Astrologer,Steven Forrest,who says that he has a close Moon-Eris conjunction said in page 39 of the article, New Solar System in Mountain Astrologer Magazine

"In future as more Transneptunians are discovered and understood, I suspect we will realize that we have made our interpretations of Pluto too broad, that its meaning is more focused than we thought, and that archetype of the shaman
will increasingly be seen as the heart of the Plutonian matter"
Steven Forrest said that he has Moon conjunct Eris in a close conjunction.

I agree with him 100 percent

some of the named Kuiper Belt Objects are:
There are even 2 large Kuiper Belt objects with are 3rd and 4th largest minor planets after Eris and Pluto
2005 FY9 and 2003 EL61 which have yet to be named.

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