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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/19/2007 04:46:18 ET
Subject: Pamela Gross,Lupus Advocate

Message Detail:

Pamela Gross, who is a good friend of mine, has Lupus which is a serious autoimmune disease. She has been a survivor and a fighter. She uses her experiences to be an advocate for Lupus awareness. She even spreads awareness by communicating to others about her Lupus including what it's like to live with Lupus as well as the importance of good,affordable healthcare which is important to keep her alive and well. I don't see this as whining which she has been accused. I see this as advocacy. She is even President of the Santa Maria Lupus and Rheumatic Diseases Group.

Winer in 25'29 Pisces Retrograde in 4th (whiner)
Carp 25'01 Aries Retrograde in 6th
Harper in 25'05 Capricorn in 3rd (harping on)
Midheaven in 25'26 Leo
Venus in 26'50 Scorpio in 1st
Winer quintile Moon - '50

There's a psych theory I really like to tell people
about The Karpman triangle, it describes the "dance of
dysfunction".All it takes is for someone to claim they are a
victim. That is one corner of the triangle, say, the top.

Her Winer makes an almost exact quincunx to her Midheaven. Harper quincunxes Midheaven too.Harper and Winer sextile, and they quincunx Midheaven for a yod. Carp is in her 6th house and and Winer semisextiles it. She is seen as harping on her problems or whining which almost led to a missed diagnosis of her health issues. Venus in harmonious aspects to Winer and Harper indicates that she is nice and receptive to people who might be seen as whiners because she was painted as one unjustly as well. Her Moon quintiles Winer,and that indicates being nurturing,sensitive to people who might be seen as whiners. Winer in Pisces in 4th house could indicate that she complained at home because she suffered a lot when she was a kid. Harper in 3rd indicates when she communicates,people including her sister accusing her of harping on her problems.

Martir in 25'15 Aquarius (martyrdom)
Hygeia in 24'18 Aquarius (health)
Imum Coeli in 25'26 Aquarius

Her Martir and Hygeia are prominent with them conjunct her Imum Coeli. This could indicate being known as a martyr in health matters. The conjunction is in Aquarius, and so connected to humanitarianism,activism,advocacy. She is known as one and she thinks that she may have been one too.

Walkure in 3'51 Pisces in 4th (letting somebody else fight for him/her)
Jupiter in 3'06 Pisces in 4th
Uranus in 3'56 Virgo in 10th
Saturn in 4'48 Aquarius in 3rd
Hebe in 4'54 Virgo in 10th (codependency)

Her Walkure is in 4th house, and her mother fights for her.
Hebe is opposing it could be depending on a family,member to fight for her.
Hebe in Virgo in 10th indicate being dependent on healthcare and the government with her health issues. Saturn in Aquarius in 3rd quincunx Uranus-Hebe in Virgo in 10th indicate her sister thinks that she's too dependent because she's rather detached,cold in regards to you health issues. Saturn in 3rd semisextile Walkure indicate her sister have delays,hold back in regards to fighting for her.

Sun in 22'48 Libra
Circe in 23'16 Aquarius in 3rd (some help)
Lupo in 23'41 Pisces Retrograde in 4th (Lupus)
Vonnegut in 22'27 Gemini in 8th (tangled webs we weaved)
Lennon in 22'09 in Sagittarius in 2nd (activist)
(A Kite)
Moon quintile Lupo - '58

Sun sextile Lennon indicate her being an activist. Sun trine Circe in 3rd indicate helping others through communications. It indicates getting some help in regards to communications like communicating about her lupus helps her and not just others because of the awareness. Helping people be aware of lupus helps both her and others who have Lupus. Her Lupo,Vonnegut,Lennon t-square seems that being an activist for Lupus is very complexed and can be very stressful....especially if they misunderstand her and without family support. She has a gift for helping others with the Sun,Circe,Vonnegut,Lennon kite. Moon quintile Lupo can indicate that she can be sensitive,emotionally supportive, and nurturing to others with Lupus. Lupus Retrograde in Pisces in 4th could indicate that the Lupus is inherited.

Van Damme in 11'28 Sagittarius in 1st (in regards to rescuing like he's known for in action flicks)
Badger in 10'00 Sagittarius in 1st (badger is self explanatory)
Pluto in 11'17 Virgo in 10th

Pluto in Virgo in 10th square Badger-Van Damme in Sagittarius in 1st indicate people see her as badgering when she is expressing her views,beliefs with her intention of rescuing others in some way but it's met with intense criticism by the general public. Also she can be seen as being obsessed in regards to helping others and accused of badgering.

Sado in 12'21 Libra in 11th (persecution)
Neptune in 12'28 Scorpio in 12th
Shepherd in 13'34 Leo in 9th (shepherd as in watching over,protector)
Sado semisquare Venus in Scorpio in 1st - '34
Sado biquintile Chiron in Pisces in 4th - '16

Neptune in 12th is selfless service but it can also be much suffering and Sado can be persecution.
Neptune in 12th semisextile Sado in 11th seems strong persecution configuration. She has friends that persecute her. She might feel very empathetic with friends that have been persecuted. Venus semisquare Sado indicate that lovers persecuted her. Neptune in 12th square Shepherd in 9th indicate that she thought somebody was protecting her but actually deceived her and had self deception in regards to somebody that she thought was protecting her...also...with 9th house involved, maybe a teacher. In College,teachers she confided in would pretend to help and stab her in the back. Neptune in 12th square Shepherd in 9th could seem like a trust that god will protect her and maybe even dreams of god protecting her,giving her spiritual guidance. Chiron in Pisces in 4th biquintile Sado seems like painful experiences at home help you be compassionate and want to help others that have been persecuted.....especially friends ...with Sado in 11th.

Freeman in 19'12 Aries Retrograde in 5th
sesquiquadrate Uranus - '16
semisquare Jupiter - 1'07

The 8th harmonic triangle of Freeman in 5th,Jupiter,and Uranus indicates a freespirited self expression

Gyptis in 1'20 Virgo in 10th (cheated)
quintile Neptune in Scorpio in 12th - '52

This indicates being cheated in regards to her health which gives her compassion for others.

I also checked Eris in regards to advocacy as in standing up one's self/others,civil/equal rights matters,controversy,stirring stuff up,bigotry

all the Eris stuff is based on my theories and so anything listed about Eris is just my views,beliefs,and opinions,and based on my research. I am not writing as fact nor truth. I don't claim to know anything about Eris. I never did and never will. I wanted to make myself clear so nobody gets the idea that I have already decided what Eris is. I do find that it's hard to express an opinion,belief,and view and somebody accuses that person of already decided on something,claiming as truth/fact. That's why I even say stuff like "I believe,my view,my opinion" ...because I feel that I have to be careful how I say things because people can misunderstand,get confused,or just maliciously twist stuff)

Eris in 10'06 Aries Retrograde in 5th
sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '19
biquintile Uranus - '10
parallel Ascendant - '20

Eris sesquiquadrate Midheaven indicates being known for being controversial, stirring stuff up,being an advocate. Uranus biquintile Eris indicates her strong emphasis on advocacy as well as being a liberal advocate. Eris parallel Ascendant indicates her being controversial as well as an advocate.

I also checked Eris Nodes in regards to the collective karma involving the aforementioned Eris stuff

Geo North Eris Node in 5'43 Taurus
Geo South Eris Node in 5'16 Scorpio
Saturn in 4'48 Aquarius Stationary Direct in 3rd

Disciplined,Structured humanitarian communications in conflict with collective karma of controversy,advocacy,bigotry. This can indicate somebody who is criticized and deals with prejudice as as an advocate.

I also checked out Chiron for Wounded Healer. I believe that Chiron has to do with compassion through painful experiences. The thing is that people might misunderstand that as somebody projecting his/her painful experiences onto others. A person might be seen as whiner because he/she communicate those painful experiences but he/she could actually be doing it to help raise awareness of these issues and not to gain sympathy from others. If anything,he/she does it to gain some understanding and even compassion for people with those conditions and not for him/herself. This person is somebody who doesn't want sympathy from anybody but just understanding. He/she is no different from Mark Mathabane, a Black South African who spoke about his experiences of being a black man experiencing racism,segregation,lack of civil/equal rights in Apartheid South Africa in his book,"The Kaffir Boy". He/she is no different from the late Christopher Reeve who was a champion of paralysis who was paralyzed himself. He/she is no different from Michael J. Fox who speaks for Parkinson's disease and has Parkinson's Disease himself. He/she is no different from me who speaks about my own Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,and ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to raise awareness about those neurodivergent conditions. He/she is no different from my friend,Pamela Gross who speaks about her own Lupus to raise awareness about her autoimmune disease.

Chiron in 6'37 Pisces Retrograde in 4th
Mercury in 6'37 Libra in 11th
Moon in 6'39 Gemini in 7th

This indicates communicating her painful feelings and past experiences which can help others understand the pain that others experience. Her painful experiences can be used to gain insight into others who have those experiences. She could be an advisor based on her painful experiences.


October 16, 1962
8:52 AM

Special thanks to Astrologer,Lu for giving me a list of asteroids with meanings in regards to whining and advocacy.

Special thanks to Pam for giving me the pleasure and honor of answering my questions about the asteroids in her chart and giving me the permission to post.

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