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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/18/2007 16:32:42 ET
Subject: RE: Orcus, correction...

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I have Sun in Scorpio contraparallel Orcus with 1 minute of arc. They also biseptile with 1 minute of arc too.
Orcus is a plutino,and so I would think it would be similar to Pluto. I never knew my father because of his drug problems. My mother told me that he had a violent temper. He was volatile. I believe that Orcus could relate to the unknown. So with Sun as the father,Orcus in aspect to it could be the unknown father. Now for my stepfather,he was a very controlling man and he was abusive to both my mother and me....more so on an emotional level. I haven't known since before my high school graduation in 1990.

I have Venus trine Orcus less than a degree orb,and I guess that could relate to intense relationships. I am not sure what else. My girlfriend has Moon square Orcus less than 2 degree orb. So she fits with my anima. She's emotionally intense but not violent.

My mother has Orcus conjunct the Ascendant with a half degree,and my mother is very intense,volatile. With Orcus oppose Descendant, her relationships were intense,volatile....even dangerous like in the case of my father. My stepfather choked her one time when I was 8 years old too,and so she had a dangerous moment with him. She also came at him with a knife more than once. She was physically violent with me too...even threw things at me.She was also shot when I was 3 years old.

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