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Posted By: ex on: 11/18/2007 03:58:09 ET
Subject: RE: Orcus

Message Detail:
I was rather disappointed to see that not very much is known about Orcus as when my beloved uncle Dick died. Orcus was conjunct or in close aspect to Regulus. Dick had known royalty and designed crockery for important royal occasions that became collectors pieces the world over. Pluto was also conjunct the galatic centre at the time. I suppose what I'm trying to say after finding only scanty information about Orcus is that one should look to the fixed stars when assessing this planet. Perhaps it interacts better with them than with this system. It therefore represents a gateway to other constellations and the fixed stars perhaps. Any more information would be appreciated. Many Thanks Danielle

webmaster Richard Brown writes that Orcus might have to do with "accessing and bringing forth the spiritual wealth at the core of one's being." St. Francis said "That which we are looking for is that which is looking." i'd like to take that axiom to your postif i may Danielle, because maybe in your question you actually summed up the energy of Orcus. maybe. (Disclaimer-but remember i'm ignorant about the astrological energies of Orcus so far.)

Some main keywords i see in your post are 1.Feminine (you are a woman, or energetically aligned with Yin) 2.Creative (Your uncle Dick designed beautiful crockery) 3.Power (He knew royalty and his death coincided with a new planet's alignment with the Royal star Regulus)

i checked the ephemeris to see what was happening in the world when Orcus made major aspects to Regulus (now at 29 Leo 50) last century. these are the things that first jumped out at me...

1905- Orcus quincunx Regulus. in this year the short lived Fauvism movement flared up in French painting. Strong bright colors, boldness. a famous critic labeled the movement "Fauve" and it wasn't a compliment. it meant "wild beasts"! In this year Picasso suddenly went from his "Blue Period" into his cheerful "Rose Period". He used oranges and pinks and this period lasted as long for this Scorpio artist as the Fauve movement lasted, until about 1907.

1916- Orcus trined Regulus this year and Hugo Ball recited the Dada Manifesto on July 14, 1916 in Zurich as a generation of young Europeans were being spattered across the barbed wire of France. Dada was a rejection of all that was reasonable or rational and had led humanity to this disaster.

1953- Orcus squared Regulus this year and the Korean conflict ended on July 27th. i don't get the sense that Orcus is a "heavy" the way Pluto is. (Orcus entered Aries well after WWl had already started.)

1954- America was being torn apart inside by the Red Scare and McCarthyism. Senator Joseph McCarthy was raging unchecked against percieved threats and people were losing their careers and livelihoods in his "witch hunt". At last on June 9th,1954 (Orcus again square Regulus) in the Army McCarthy hearings the U.S. Army's chief legal representative Joseph Welch said "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" at which point the room burst into applause and McCarthy's career was on its long decline.

1980- Orcus' semisextile with Regulus of course saw the leadership of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan take hold. This popular conservatism defined the 80s politics.

That's as far as i know about Orcus so far. Oddly, i keep wanting to call Orcus "She". hmmm.Traditionally Scorpio is a very fruitful sign. Maybe Orcus or other Kuiper bodies will be found to coincide with this lifegiving quality the way Pluto doesn't quite seem to. But i guess Scorpio will reveal its secrets in its own sweet time- :-)

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