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Posted By: ex on: 11/18/2007 02:14:09 ET
Subject: Libra vs. Scorpio...Round 2...

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While studying the negative things said by people about Libra (Sun sign Librans) i learned that these people were uniformally either Scorpios or magnetically attracted to Scorpios! hmmm. so there really is a clear energy divide between Libran and Scorpionic energy and presumably between the Kuiper belt bodies and any ruler(s) of Libra. it also might explain why i (Mercury in 3rd house Scorpio) was so hard on myself for some years in the past, neurotic self abasement, you name it. i dealt with much of my stuff and learned to get over myself, but maybe it was such a rocky road partly because of Scorpionic Mercury. i had become too attached to my suffering to just give it up and forgive myself already for being myself i.e. the same dumb schmuck that we all are, according to Lenny Bruce.

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