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Posted By: ex on: 11/13/2007 13:16:18 ET
Subject: RE: Libra vs. Scorpio...

Message Detail:

"Chamberlain came crawling from Munich
With one piece of paper he waved at the cameras
Peace in our time, oh thank you Herr Hitler
Tell that to the Polish, tell that to the Jews"

Robyn Hitchcock, "Cynthia Mask"

"If he treats you horribly he's probably a Scorpio
He's a long kabob through your ovaries,
The same goes out the same goes in"

Robyn Hitchcock, "The Devil's Coachman"

Anyway, an astrologer once said that every sign exists as a curative for the worst traits of the sign which came before. If we can identify the worst traits of Libra we might get a clue to how the energies of Eris play out in the human drama. A Scorpio could probably best describe what they detest most about Libran energy ;-)

Where Libra becomes vacuous Scorpio brings depth and substance. Where Libra becomes wishy-washy and vascillating Scorpio brings passion and dead-certainty.
Where Eris is flying tipsy on the rim of space, Pluto is trudging in the cold fog of the Kuiper belt.

i wanted to see the warts and shadows of Libra in order to perhaps get a more focused and sober view of the energies of its ruling planet(s). actually a poster on the message board of another very good astrology website summed up the warts and shadows of Libra in her post on a thread about "favorite and least favorite signs". she posted that Libras are always in the middle of trouble, causing it or gravitating toward it, and that she found them to be "petty, cowardly, and flirting with mental illness.":-0 *bows head and weeps silently to poor Sun in Libra self, tarnished tiara rolls off head onto floor and under the fridge.celebrity meltdown complete. hmm, anything good in the fridge?*

Anyway, the ancients ascribed each sign to a part of our body. (our astrol-body?) The zodiac is like a divine form or mold for humankind, while the planets describe individuation. idealizing some signs or planets while castigating others is like pondering which bodily organs are good and which ones you would like to see removed. i'm all right by my spleen and liver, thank you. and i feel that some people may have idealized Sun in Libra a bit too much and that as one twelfth of the collective we could stand a better look at ourselves in the mirror, warts and all. (we still rock though)

i have been looking at the chart of Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (Murshid Samuel Lewis) born 10/18/1896. Sun Mercury in Libra, Venus/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces. With Nyogin Senzaki he helped open the very first Zendo in America, in 1926. Within the Sufi tradition he put together the "Dances of Universal Peace" and also Astrological dances and walks for his followers. He "adopted" the hippies in the 1960s and a message of his teaching was "Joy without Drugs". He said once said that his secret was "controlled schizophrenia" but there was more than a bit of the humorous trickster in him.

anyway, "Joy without Drugs" seems to embody a common thread that some have noticed with Eris. Carrie Nation was born with Eris near 0 degree Pisces. Arthur Rimbaud, brilliant modern poet and author of "The Drunken Boat" and "A Season in Hell" stopped writing poetry as Eris was in transit over his natal Neptune. and i recieved my one and only DWUI ticket when Transiting Saturn was nearly in exact conjunction with Transiting Eris in my 8th house. and this was the same time i started studying sacred geometry and Platonic philosophy.So the question is, is this bad girl Eris a tea-totaling drug-denying straightlaced troublemaker? What kind of twisted pretzel logic does that make? maybe the kind lof twisted logic that Eris relishes... much more study is needed of course, these are just personal observations.

Anyway, Raymond, I sent you an e-mail as well but you never replied. as a quasi-homeless day laborer who has spent the last year with a shovel, axe and sledgehammer to keep this temporary roof over my head i have very little time for web-chats. i don't like chatting that much anyway. but i do enjoy communicating via e-mails so if you or anyone else would like to communicate that way, just e-mail me at (really, i have spent the last year in an informational vacuum. about the only feedback from my posts here that i recieved in two years was a simple e-mail from my sister which read "did you change your name to exlax?" She is one of those quirky Taureans i warned you all about, with Moon in Libra no less! i might have to filter her e-mails ;-)

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