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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/13/2007 12:52:24 ET
Subject: Eris - Call for Tolerance

Message Detail:
As I said before, I believe that intolerance of diversity is a problem
in our planet. I believe that one of the lessons that Eris is here to
teach is tolerance.

I checked out the asteroid, 24665 Tolerantia in the discovery chart.

In the discovery chart

Jan 5, 2005
11:20 AM
(according to Michael Brown's Eris site)

Discovery chart's Tolerantia is 22'35 Scorpio in 8th house -
intolerance of diversity has led to many deaths on our planet

it happens to conjunct my Venus in 21'47 Scorpio in 3rd and trines my
Tolerantia in 23'32 Cancer in 11th, and that could be my feeling that
Eris related to tolerance/intolerance also..that I am connected to the
issues of tolerance/intolerance and that value the lessons of
Tolerance that Eris brings.

trines Discovery chart's Saturn with 24'32 Cancer Retrograde in 4th
1'57 orb - it could be about the need to be tolerant even though we
may have conservative roots or it could be about the reality checks of
the intolerance that goes on in our respective nations. It could
indicate the conservative feelings that the collective have that can
lead to intolerance

semisextile Discovery chart's Pluto in 22'54 Sagittarius in 9th with
18 minutes of arc - with the 9th house involved, it could relate to
tolerance/intolerance in regards to
views,beliefs,opinions,philosophy,religion,as well as other
cultures,nationalities,ethnities as well as foreigners
semisquare discovery chart's Midheaven/sesquiquadrate IC with 52 minutes of arc - could
indicate that tolerance/intolerance is something that's well known on
our planet and a major issue that causes irritation

in the declinations:

Moon parallel Tolerantia with 17 minutes of arc
this would indicate the unconscious and tolerance/intolerance are
strongly connected. That tolerance/intolerance is influenced by
subconscious habitual patterns linked to the past.
Tolerance/intolerance can be something instinctive. The way we are
raised influences our levels of tolerance. It could feeling the need
to be tolerant/intolerant.

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