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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/9/2007 10:16:40 ET
Subject: Tom Cruise - Controversial,Dyslexic,Advocate

Message Detail:
Tom Cruise is an American actor and film producer.
Cruise is known for his criticism of psychiatry, and for his support of Scientology which has resulted in much controversy.

He also has a history of Dyslexia which is what I have in common with him,and so I did this post on him.

Tom Cruise:
"When I was seven, I was labeled dyslexic. I'd try to concentrate on what I was reading,and then I'd get to the end of the page and have very little memory of anything I read. I would go blank,feel anxious,nervous,bored,frustrated,dumb.
I don't want people to go through what I went through. I want kids to have the ability to read,to write,to understand what people are saying to them,to be able solve life's problems."

That's what it's been like for me. Auditory therapy,speech therapy,and phonics helped me develop the phonemic and phonological awareness to decode and spell words well,but they did not help me to remember them well when it comes to reading and listening because I have impaired immediate visual memory,borderline impaired verbal memory,and borderline impaired sentence repetition according to Veteran Affairs neurological testing.

Tom Cruise became a Scientologist and discovered the 'Study Technology' developed by L. Ron Hubbard ,and it helped him realize that he could learn absolutely anything that he wanted to learn. He is the founding member of the Hollywood Education And Literacy Project,a non-profit group that uses Hubbard's teaching techniques in a secular setting.

'Dys' means 'difficulty' and 'lexia' means 'words'. Dyslexia is a disorder that affects millions of people all over the world,influencing their ability to read. A dyslexic learns at his/her own level and pace, and typically excels in one or more areas. Some of their experiences include difficulties with concentration,perception,memory,verbal skills,abstract reasoning,hand-eye co-ordination,social adjustment(low self esteem is a commonly observed behavioral characteristic),poor grades,and underachievement. Often,people with dyslexia are considered to be lazy,rebellious,class clowns,unmotivated,misfits,or of low intelligence. These misconceptions can lead to rejection,isolation,feelings of inferiority,discouragement,and low self esteem.

I checked out Pallas in regards to Dyslexia - I read that Pallas in challenging aspects can be an indicator for Dyslexia in Marcia Starck's Healing For the 21st Century Medical Astrology book and read the same from other astrologers that use asteroids.

I checked out Eris in regards to Dyslexia because its moon,Dysnomia is also the name of a word retrieval condition that is connected to Dyslexia. I also checked Eris for advocacy, stirring stuff up, controversy, and ideology. It's interesting that Tom Cruise's getting into a controversial religion helped him remediate his Dyslexia,and that inspired him to be an education/literacy advocate. His statements about Scientology helping him with his Dyslexia really stirred up stuff with International Dyslexia Association. Of course,he made controversial rants against psychiatry that included talking about the dangers of medications for AD/HD which is a condition that tends to be comorbid with Dyslexia.

I am no Scientologist,but I do share some concerns with Tom Cruise about psychiatry. This is because I am Dyslexic,Dyspraxic,AD/HD who was misdiagnosed as having schizoaffective bipolar disorder by psychiatrists because of my cluttering speech,and they tried to talk me into taking an antipsychotic for a "slight thought disorder" because of my speech. These people never asked me if I was in ever in special education and had speech therapy which I did. They just judged the book by its cover and didn't do any testing. This all happened because I got lost trying to find my way back to my maternal aunt's house in an unfamiliar area. I had lost the directions that I wrote down to find my way back to my aunt's house. I had hard time remembering the names of the unfamiliar street signs and had problems with directions(like left,right) even when I asked people for help. I didn't know my aunt's phone number,and so I couldn't contact her. Then I turned to the cops for help,and they thought my auditory processing issues(delays in understanding when people are talking to me) was disorientation like a psychotic thought disorder,and so they had me taken to psychiatric hospital. I was told by a psychiatric nurse that it wasn't normal to get lost,disregarding that it happened in an unfamiliar place. My Dyslexic issues got me lost,misunderstood,and placed in a psychiatric hospital against my will. Even though it was a very traumatic experience that affected me for years,it was one of the events that seem like it had to happen to prepare me for my path as a learning disability advocate. That was back in October 19, 1999,shortly after I was got out of navy. I was even forced to take an antipsychotic because of my cluttering speech when I was in psychiatric hospital for depression at the end of january 2002. Luckily, Veteran Affairs neurologists confirmed my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia in December 2006 after neurological testing and neuropsyche testing. It was the test results/cerebellar-vestibular dysfunction diagnosis of Dyslexic Expert Dr. Harold N. Levinson in June 2005 that helped make that possible. A psychologist diagnosed me inattentive type ADHD in April 2004. None of them told me that I had any psychotic disorder. I pretty much stood up for myself and saw people who listened to me,treated me like I was a human being,and gave me accurate diagnoses after doing tests on me. Therefore, I succeeded in getting my learning disabilities documented for the first time since I was in special education in early childhood,and that would give me the credibility of being an advocate who has first hand experiences with learning disabilities. I feel that's a positive manifestation of Eris.

Like Tom Cruise, I stirred up stuff about psychiatry...I did it in AD/HD support chatroom and in AD/HD yahoo groups just my talking about psychiatrists misdiagnosed me and that there is racism in psychiatry and that they have problems differentiating people with learning disabilities,ADHD from people with bipolar,psychotic disorders. I didn't do it to start trouble,but they thought that I did and they even accused me of being a militant..especially when I mentioned racism in psychiatry. I was viewed the same way Tom Cruise was,and I was negatively labeled by them. I only did it to raise awareness so other learning disabled/ADHD people including ones that are ethnic minorities don't get misdiagnosed like I did.So there is a fine line between stirring up stuff to make trouble and stirring up stuff to be an advocate,and that's why I feel that Eris is connected to both. My Eris is in Aries in 8th sextile Midheaven in Gemini,and my Sun is conjunct the South Eris Node in Scorpio in 2nd/oppose Eris North Node in Taurus in 8th. That would fit right in with stirring up stuff,controversy,and advocate in regards to psychiatric misdiagnoses and how they can affect one's self worth.

Being a learning disabled advocate who is an astrologer can be seen as controversial to mainstream society like Tom Cruise being an advocate who is a Scientologist is seen as controverisal to mainstream society. I wouldn't talk about how my Moon in Pisces in 6th square opposition of retrograde Saturn in Gemini in 9th and Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd,Saturn contraparallel Mercury-Neptune,and Mercury conjunct Sun/Neptune midpoint indicate my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,AD/HD in a learning disability support group/organization of any kind. They would look at me like I am crazy as Tom Cruise. My own spiritual,religious beliefs that are Unitarian Universalist,Neopagan,New Age,and New Thought can get me seen as controversial by the learning disability associations which I am members of and the public.

I can relate to what Tom Cruise has said. However,I have to disagree about Post-partum depression because it's serious and can be very dangerous as we have seen from women killing their children. Maybe medication can treat the problem,but I do agree that vitamins,exercise,and even nutrition can help. Heck...I even believe that fish/cod liver oil can help because the Omega 3 fatty acids(docosahexaenoic acid aka DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid aka EPA) are important for brain functioning which include intellectual,emotional processes. I take that stuff for my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,AD/HD issues. It even tones down my sensory integration issues by helping me be less emotional,sensitive. I know that if I ever mention that in a psychiatry support group,I would get accused of being irresponsible and dangerous like Tom Cruise,and so I would keep that stuff to myself.

Tom Cruise
03 July 1962
3:06 PM
Syracuse,New York

Midheaven in 9'14 Leo
Saturn in 10'00 Aquarius Retrograde
Neptune in 10'48 Scorpio
Eris in 10'49 Aries
Sun in 11'21 Cancer
Jupiter in 12'41 Pisces Stationary Retrograde
(This seems to indicate being involved in a controversial religious organization,controversial spiritual beliefs, but it can also be the inspiration to be an advocate,it can be deeply spiritual too..all this can relate to his career,social status,ambitions)

Ascendant in 2'10 Scorpio
Moon in 2'42 Leo
South Eris Node in 4'12 Scorpio
(feeling connected to collective karma in regards to stirring stuff up,controversy,advocacy)

Mars in 26'11 Taurus
Uranus in 27'55 Leo
Pallas in 27'13 Taurus
(Mars square Uranus could indicate acting unconventionally as well as hyperactive,impulsive like hyperactive type ADHD like his jumping on the couch on the Oprah Winfrey Show,with Pallas in hard aspect to Uranus,it can be a Dyslexic indicator)

Minor aspects:

Mars semisquare Eris - '22
(controversial actions,acting as an advocate,assertive/passionate advocate)

Moon has a travel speed of 12'33 which is slower than the average of 13'10
Mercury has a travel speed of 1'05 which is slower than the average of 1'30

With both his Moon and Mercury slow
( there can be some problems processing information and this could fit with the Dyslexia....both Moon and Mercury can be connected to memory,and so it could indicate that he could be slow in remembering things,but it doesn't mean that he's retarded. Many learning disabled,AD/HD have problems with short term memory but have good long term memory.)

His Mercury is direct and ahead of the Sun, and that indicates a Promethean Direct Mind
( possess an intuitive mind coupled with effective faculties of communication, enabling to both convince others of the validity of your ideas and to inspire them with future-oriented, farseeing vision. Effective promoter and communicator of new ideas, facilitator of change. needs to focus on values), because without a clear set of guiding values and ideals, a powerful Promethean-Direct mind can be a ruthless force. cultivate mental watchfulness because his thoughts, ideas and visions may become concrete realities)

His Mercury is ahead of the Sun and his Moon is slow
(Balanced: Perception is slow and deliberate, and the mind reacts quickly on these impressions)

Mercury 20'18 North
Pluto 20'36 North
(can indicate deep,penetrating,transformational,subtle thinking as well as psychological insight but also can be power,control issues in communications as well as issues with paranoia,conspiracy theories

Eris 16'17 South
Venus 16'40 North
(can indicate controversial relationships/love life including his rumors about his being gay, his jumping up on the couch professing his love to Katie Holmes who is 16 years younger than him, but it can also indicate his love for advocacy which is inspired by the controversial church,Scientology helping him remediate his Dyslexia,also his wife Katie converted to Scientology)

Special Features:

Sun in 11'21 Cancer
Solar Apogee in 11'49 Cancer
Solar Perigree in 11'49 Capricorn
(very strong Solar energy..this could be somebody with a big ego which could lead to a downfall..can be narcissistic personality disorder indicator)

With Eris in 10'49 Aries squaring that, his ego issues can lead to controversy. Also ideological issues and narcissistic personality issues can be strongly connected like his beliefs in Scientology can make him think that he knows everything when he doesn't or he might even see himself as a savior of some type......a controversial leader...controversially getting attention.


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