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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/8/2007 01:02:36 ET
Subject: Ennis Cosby

Message Detail:

This is a post that is close to my heart because it's about a fellow Dyslexic whose life was cut short by murder.

Ennis William Cosby (April 15, 1969 January 16, 1997) was the son of actor Bill Cosby and Camille Hanks. He had four sisters.

He had earned a master's degree in special education at Teacher's College in 1995 and was working on his doctorate in special education with a concentration in learning and reading disabilities.
While studying at Teacher's College, Cosby had interned as a student teacher at Alfred E. Smith Elementary School on the Upper West Side. He also tutored individual students with learning disabilities.
Cosby himself was diagnosed as dyslexic when he was an undergraduate at Morehouse College in Atlanta. He often talked to the children he tutored about his own problems in the classroom.
Professors at Teacher's College said that Cosby also talked about starting a special school and clinic for young people with learning disabilities. The Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the goals and dreams of Ennis Cosby

I checked 20461 Dioretsa (Asteroid backwards) for Dyslexia
I checked Eris for Advocacy and possible Dyslexia indicator(Eris' moon,Dysnomia is also a word retrieval condition connected to Dyslexia)..also seems like a planet of divergence,diversity.
I checked Pallas for Dyslexia..asteroid astrologers say that Pallas in difficult aspects can indicate Dyslexia.

April 15, 1969
12:28 AM
Los Angeles, California

Moon in 8'21 Aries in 3rd
Eris in 12'00 Aries Retrograde in 3rd
Pallas in 12'16 Capricorn in 12th
Ascendant in 14'26 Capricorn
Venus in 14'35 Aries Retrograde in 3rd
(this seems like a person who feels the need to be and loves to be an advocate in regards to education/learning because of his own divergent learning style.
Pallas,an asteroid that is said to be associated with Dyslexia, in close square to Eris whose moon is Dysnomia, a word retrieval condition associated with Dyslexia, is significant......especially with Pallas being conjunct the Ascendant and Eris being in the house of education,learning,and communication)

the configuration forms
Eris conjunct Moon/Venus midpoint - '32
(feeling affectionate in regards to being an advocate)

Mercury in 2'19 Taurus in 3rd
Dioretsa in 2'12 Aries (conjunct 3rd house cusp in 2'30 Aries)
(this can be an indicator of Dyslexia..especially with how Dioretsa is connected to both Mercury and the 3rd house)

Midheaven in 4'20 Scorpio
Ceres in 5'00 Aquarius in 1st
North Eris Node in 5'20 Taurus
South Eris Node in 5'43 Scorpio
(this looks straight up advocate to me with a nurturing humanitarian emphasis)
career,social status involved the collective matters of advocacy

when he was murdered Jan 16, 1997

Solar Arc Moon in 5'20 Taurus
Natal North Eris Node in 5'20 Taurus
Natal South Eris Node in 5'43 Scorpio

(I feel that this configuration can indicate a lifechanging event....because I am seeing Eris involved in life changing events)
also Philip Sedgwick noted murder as one of Eris' mundane keywords. I would think that an object orbiting beyond Pluto named after the Goddess of Discord could be significant in homicides.

I also expressed my view that Eris is associated with racism,bigotry.
I believe that the Eris Nodes are associated with the collective karma of those issues
I even checked to see if the murder was connected to racism too.

One day after Ennis Cosby's murderer was found guilty by a jury, an editorial written by the victim's mother, Camille Cosby, was printed in USA Today.
In her essay, Mrs. Cosby blames America for teaching Mikail Markhasev, her son's killer, to hate black people because of the various forms of racism she says pervade this society.

Ennis Cosby's killer had a history of using the n'word.

I hate to see what happens when transiting Saturn conjuncts my Sun-South Eris Node conjunction in 2012....especially with me being part black...I could be paying off a karmic debt involving pastlife racism and that's why I am born multiethnic to easily learn the lessons of tolerance and acceptance of ethnic diversity....of course my being Dyspraxic,Dyslexic,and ADD with my special education had a purpose of easily learning the lessons of tolerance and acceptance of neurological diversity that I become a neurodiversity,neurodivergent,learning disability,Dyslexia,Dyspraxia advocate.

I posted this in honor of Ennis Cosby and as a Dyslexia,learning disability advocate.


Raymond N. Andrews

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