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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/7/2007 07:17:07 ET
Subject: Eris in Middle Eastern Affairs

Message Detail:

I am looked at the Eris Discovery chart in regards to Eris having to do with international relations,global affairs,terrorism,ideology as well as things like holy wars,jihads

1589 Fanatica for fanatics,extremists,ideology taken too far,terrorism
1157 Arabia for Arabs
911 Agamemnon for ruthless overlord,imperialism...also it could be used for 9-11
916 America - American
1015 Christa - Christ,Christian,Christianity
8313 Christiansen for Christian,Christianity
7121 Busch for Bush
10961 Buysballot - election fraud
4036 Whitehouse - the white house
886 Washingtonia - Washington,DC
8690 Swindle
5180 Ohno for "Oh No!" like in a bad way
12834 Bomben - bomb,bombing
7079 Baghdad
2031 BAM - like in sudden loud noise
2115 Irakli for Iraqi,Iraq
56000 Mesopotamia - largely corresponding to Iraq
15417 Babylon - an ancient city in Mesopotamia,using the asteroid for Iraq
5808 Babel - another name for Babylon
3811 Karma

7507 Israel
21618 Sheikh for leaders in the Arabic countries
6000 United Nations
7801 Goretti - Al Gore
6032 Nobel - Nobel Peace Prize

Because my post focus on Eris in regards to terrorism,ideological issues,and how it affects global affairs, I am using the following asteroids that were named to honor victims of the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks:

8990 Compassion was named "to honor the compassion of people around the world for the friends and families of the victims of disasters, exemplified by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. 11, with the hope that they will overcome their sorrow."

8991 Solidarity was named to honor the solidarity of people around the world with both victims and survivors of terrorist attacks like those on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. 11, in the goal of eliminating terrorism from the world."

8992 Magnanimity was named "to honor the magnanimity of people around the world in dealing with terrorist attacks like those on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. 11, in the hope that terrorism will be countered with justice for all, not with revenge."
Magnanimity means generosity and forgiveness.

It was reading Jacob Schwartz's asteroid articles that got me into the use of Asteroid name astrology back in 2000. He is the main reason why I am an asteroid astrologer. I even used name asteroids to look at personal relationships before I knew about his site but it was shortly before. Heck..I even found out that I have Eris in 12'15 Aries trine Megangross in 12'25 Sagittarius which conjuncts my Imum Coeli in 11'14 Sagittarius. I have a grand trine of Sun in 5'20 Scorpio,Moon in 3'11 Pisces,Megantic in 4'21 Pisces,and Meigooni in 3'47 Cancer. Meghann is my girlfriend. Her Moon in 1'24 Scorpio and her Saturn in 2'45 Scorpio conjunct my Sun and trine my Moon. She and I have a composite Eris sextile Ascendant with 7 minutes of arc,and it's the closest aspect in the chart. She and I met while having Eris transits,solar arcs,and secondary progressions too.

I also like how Jacob Schwartz explained about the asteroids working
"I am not saying that these asteroids cause the events, but merely that the asteroids reflect events on Earth with the same names and sounds. Perhaps it is the sound of words that provoke action. Thoughts are things. The winning New York lottery number on September 11, 2002 was 911, the very numbers people all over the world were thinking about that day."

His article on Bush is very insightful, and really makes me more of a believer in Asteroid Astrology.

So here goes what I have found;

Eris Discovery Chart
Jan 5, 2005
11:20 AM


Karma in 20'11 Libra
Busch in 19'07 Scorpio
Ohno in 19'05 Capricorn
Mesopotamia in 19'28 Capricorn
Eris in 19'45 Aries Stationary Direct
(This indicates President Bush's karma of stirring up stuff,controversy in Iraq as well as ideological,terrorist issues.......Bush,the troublemaker....I checked to see if Ohno was aspecting the Busch-Mesopotamia-Eris-Karma configuration because I see Eris as the "Oh No!" planet because I believe that it is a planet that makes Pluto look like Mickey Mouse's dog. That's no joke! I feel that this configuration is saying...."Oh No! Bush is making trouble in Iraq"

Goretti in 21'13 Libra
Nobel in 24'28 Libra
(I checked to see if 7801 Goretti and 6032 Nobel are conjunct in the chart.I wasn't going to use those asteroids in my post..As I was working on my post last night,I found out that there was an asteroid named Goretti from reading at Jacob Schwartz's site. I already knew that there was an asteroid named I looked to see if they were conjunct to reflect Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize for global warning which shows that it was written in the stars....also maybe global warming issues are connected to Eris)

Not only do they conjunct:
Goretti in 9'20 South
Nobel in 10'01 South
(They its a Goretti-Nobel occultation!)

Buysballot in 21'34 Leo Retrograde
Pluto in 22'54 Sagittarius
911 Agamemon in 23'06 Sagittarius
BAM in 23'58 Scorpio in 8th........I listed the house placement because it fits so well!
Mercury in 24'12 Sagittarius
Venus in 25'07 Sagittarius
Irakli in 27'37 Sagittarius
Israel in 27'46 Leo
Lunar Node Axis in 28'49 Aries/Libra
Magnanimity in 29'34 Libra
Washingtonia in 0'09 Scorpio
America in 0'42 Scorpio
((this seems to indicate destruction and conspiracy theories involving 9-11 and Iraq,power issues involving Israel as well as the call for Magnanimity...also election fraud conspiracies,suspicions)

Christa in 15'20 Libra
Sun in 15'34 Capricorn
Swindle in 15'59 Virgo
Baghdad in 14'36 Cancer
Bomben in 12'43 Capricorn
(this t-square indicates bombing Baghdad and pushing his Christian values onto Iraqis...swindle seems like to pull the wool over people's eyes in regards to Iraq,but also could be referring to election fraud...sun is biquintile buysballot)
Sun 22'31 South
Bomben 21'35 South
(so Sun and Bomben are conjunct/ an occultation)

Midheaven in 6'44 Capricorn
Solidarity in 6'48 Taurus
(solidarity and career,ambitions,social status in harmony.....Eris could be a planet that is supposed to teach us about solidarity)

Uranus in 4'06 Pisces
Irani in 4'18 Virgo Retrograde
Vertex in 4'52 Libra
Fanatica in 4'52 Libra
(this seems to indicate that terrorism,extremism is a critically serious issue that can be connected to Eris....this can be ideology that is taken too far....with uranus, radicals....this can involve Iran)

Babel in 9'30 Leo Retrograde
Moon in 10'57 Scorpio
Ascendant in 11'16 Aries
Whitehouse in 11'52 Taurus
Arabia in 11'55 Taurus
Compassion in 12'22 Aquarius
Sheikh in 12'26 Libra
Bomben in 12'43 Capricorn
Babylon in 13'01 Leo Retrograde
Neptune in 1400 Aquarius
(this indicates White House tangled up with the Arabs in the Middle East, it also indicates feeling compassion for people getting bombed in Iraq.....also deception involved)

Mars in 7'39 Sagittarius
Christiansen in 7'03 Gemini
(wars in the name of Bush crusading against the Muslims trying to enforce Christianity)

Minor Aspects:

Uranus semisquare Eris Stationary Retrograde - '39 applying
Uranus semisquare Mesopotamia '22 applying
(disruption,unrest,controversy,ideological issues in regards to Iraq)
(Eris also square Mesopotamia, and so so its an 8th harmonic triangle)

Jupiter sesquiquadrate United Nations - '30 applying
(could indicate possibly bad judgment involving the Nations in some way)

Saturn quintile Arabia - '38 applying
Saturn quintile Whitehouse - '41 applying
(conservatism of the White House and the Arabs)

Mercury quintile Sheikh - '15
Venus quintile Shekih - '40
(diplomatic communications with Arabic Leaders)

Buysballot sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '09
(this looks like election fraud)

Sun biquintile Buysballot - '01
(this looks like election fraud)


Jupiter 5'44 South
Eris 5'50 South
(controversy,stirring up stuff connection religion,strong emphasis on ideology)

Busch 15'35 South
BAM 15'55 South
Moon 16'07 South
Baghdad 16'39 North
Neptune 16'42 South
(feeling Bush being deceptive,Ilusive,hard to pin down involving bombing Baghdad)
What weapons of mass destruction????

When I see stuff like this, I don't wonder why I have transitioned from being a psychological astrologer to an evolutionary astrologer.

Because doesn't allow to put in a lot of asteroids in a chart, I made 3 charts to show all the asteroids.




Raymond N. Andrews

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