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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/6/2007 04:33:12 ET
Subject: Some Eris Characteristics Assigned To Uranus

Message Detail:

My view of Uranus having been assigned some Erisian characteristics may seem very controversial and even ridiculous. What would Vedic Astrologers and Classical Astrologers say about Modern Astrologers use of the outerplanets which aren't in their systems? They would say that they don't need the outerplanets because they already have the traditional 7 planets as well as the nodes.

The traits of Uranus seem to be traits of Mercury,Jupiter,Saturn
Uranus can relate to Mercury because it's intellectual,nervous also is considered the high octave of Mercury...especially with Uranus ruling Aquarius which is an airsign like Gemini which Mercury rules
Uranus can relate to Jupiter in regards to progression,freedom with Jupiter ruling the freedom-oriented,progressive sign Sagittarius.
Uranus could possibly relate to Saturn with Saturn's traditional rulership of Aquarius which is a fixed sign and in that sense shares some rigidity with Saturn. I even think that Uranus and Saturn could possibly share some detachment.

The traits of Neptune seem to be traits of Moon,Jupiter,and Venus
Neptune can relate to Moon because its sensitive,dreams,and the unconscious...some say Neptune is collective unconscious and Moon is personal unconscious...also Neptune is exalted in Moon's sign,Cancer.
Neptune can relate to Jupiter because of its idealism...especially with Jupiter's traditional rulership of Pisces which has been assigned to . Both Jupiter and Neptune are exalted in Cancer.
Neptune can relate to Venus because it's aesthetic,relating to beauty,love.....but Venus is more about personal love and Neptune more about collective or universal love...Neptune is considered the high octave of Venus

The traits of Pluto seem to be traits of Mars and Saturn
Pluto can relate to Saturn with it being seen by some as a dark planet...also Saturn was the traditional planet of death,and now that's been assigned to Pluto.
Pluto can relate to Mars as it can be aggressive,passionate...especially with Mars' traditional rulership of Scorpio which has been assigned to Pluto.
Pluto is considered the high octave of Mars.
Another interesting thing is that both Mars and Saturn are considered to be malefics in classical and Vedic Astrology. Interestingly, Mars/Saturn midpoint is known as the death axis in Cosmobiology. That also makes me think of Pluto having a Mars/Saturn combo energy.

Vedic Astrologers contribute the outerplanet energies to Rahu(North Node) and Ketu(South Node) and Saturn.

Modern Astrologers that negatively criticize astrologers that use Eris would be no different than Vedic Astrologers and Classical Astrologers that criticize astrologers that use the outerplanets. Of course, it wouldn't be any different from astronomers that negatively criticize astrologers.

Astrology has really diverged from Astronomy since the Discovery of Uranus. Astrologers differ in their views,and there is a lot of disagreement about what methods to use. I believe that it's better to agree to disagree. It would be nice if astrologers even think of other astrological systems as equal and not viewing them as inferior,inaccurate,or nonsense. Like I said before, not only is their discord among astronomers but discord among astrologers.
I feel that all this relates to Eris which I believe rules Astrology along with Uranus.

I think astrologers think of Uranus as stirring stuff up,controversy, and even one astrologer
one astrologer contributed racism to Uranus,but I am convinced that is Eris.
I believe that Eris has to do with diverging,diversity more than Uranus.
Wars are fought because of differences in views,opinions,and beliefs
People fought others that are different from them. People had that "you're wrong and I am right" mentality, and I see that going on in regards to morals,ethics,religion,politics,education,scientific fields,relationships,the food that we eat...I hate to say,but we see it in Astrology too. It's often thinking that one is better than the other which can lead to to superiority-inferiority issues. This is what can lead to equal/civil rights issues. Then people feel the need to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. They end up being advocates which astrologers assign to Uranus. I think that advocacy and activism are mixed up. I think activism is more linked to wanting to get changes made and even progress. It can even be independence to some degree. Abolutionism would seem like Uranus, but the whole slavery thing is based on ideology leading to the superiority-inferiority issues.

Uranus discovery chart:
March 13, 1781
12:00 PM..not sure of actual time

Mercury in 11'10 Aries
Eris in 13'54 Capricorn
(The Mercury square Eris could relate to perceptions linked to Eris that helped Uranus be discovered which lead to causing disorder in the old solar system.
Uranus was probably discovered at night after all,.easier to see planets during the night
and so that square is more likely narrower in orb.)

I checked to see if any connections to Geocentric Eris Nodes
Node: Either of two diametrically opposite points at which the orbit of a planet intersects the ecliptic.

Venus in 2'21 Pisces
North Eris Node in 2'21 taurus
South Eris Node in 3'39 scorpio
This could be values,love,relationships connected to the collective issues of controversy,stirring stuff up,standing up for self,advocacy
(so Uranus Discovery chart's Venus trines South Eris Node and sextiles the North Eris Node)

I checked to see connections to Geocentric Eris Perihelion/Aphelion axis
Perihelion:The point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body.
Aphelion: The point furthest from the sun in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body.

Mercury is in 11'10 aries
Eris Aphelion is in 11'40 aries
Eris Perihelion is in 12'18 libra

So Mercury is aspected to not only Eris but Eris perihelion/aphelion axis too suggesting that uranus is connected to eris and that astrologers were picking up on Erisian energy in Uranus and assigning some keywords to Uranus that actually belong to Eris.

Could it be that the discovery of Uranus that ended up causing controversy,chaos in regards to view of the solar system which also ended up turning astrologers into not only minorities and outcasts from the academic,science fields but also created diversity,divergence in Astrology(for instance,some astrologers don't use the outerplanets and think that's the only right way to do Astrology) is linked to Eris? I believe that's the case.

In my own chart, North Uranus Node is 12'04 Sagittarius in 4th conjunct my Imum Coeli in 11'14 Sagittarius,and that's trine by Eris in 12'15 Aries retrograde in 8th. I also have Uranus in 15'17 Libra oppose Eris and conjunct Eris Perihelion in 14'47 Libra. Maybe that has to do with my belief that some of Eris' characteristics had been given to Uranus. As well as my stirring up stuff,causing controversy in regards to Uranus.

Raymond N. Andrews

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