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Posted By: ex on: 11/6/2007 03:47:32 ET
Subject: Libra vs. Scorpio...

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"Chamberlain came crawling from Munich
With one piece of paper he waved at the cameras
Peace in our time, oh thank you Herr Hitler
Tell that to the Polish, tell that to the Jews"

Robyn Hitchcock, "Cynthia Mask"

"If he treats you horribly he's probably a Scorpio
He's a long kabob through your ovaries,
The same goes out the same goes in"

Robyn Hitchcock, "The Devil's Coachman"

Anyway, an astrologer once said that every sign exists as a curative for the worst traits of the sign which came before. If we can identify the worst traits of Libra we might get a clue to how the energies of Eris play out in the human drama. A Scorpio could probably best describe what they detest most about Libran energy ;-)

Where Libra becomes vacuous Scorpio brings depth and substance. Where Libra becomes wishy-washy and vascillating Scorpio brings passion and dead-certainty.
Where Eris is flying tipsy on the rim of space, Pluto is trudging in the cold fog of the Kuiper belt.

While we can find Eris prominent in major events i have personally yet to find how she plays out in our individual lives. i'm not sure she brings the thrills, chills and spills that seem to characterize the astrological attributes of the other modern planets from Uranus on outward. Leonardo Da Vinci had a Mercury/Eris conjunction in Aries, and Michelangelo Buonarroti had a Venus/Eris conjunction in Aries. On reflecting on their respective works I get a sense of Leonardo's Mercury, and Michelangelo's Venus, but Eris wraps them up in the context of their times, the Renaissance. DaVinci's Mercury was soaring in his creations and inventions, as was Michelangelo's Venus in his sculptures and paintings. But i admit that i still don't get a sense of what Eris means in their everyday lives.

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