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Posted By: ex on: 11/6/2007 03:00:00 ET
Subject: Pluto/Libra, Kuiper Belt/Scattered Objects...

Message Detail:
i would like to explore the energy differences between the Kuiper belt objects like Pluto and the "Scattered Near objects" like Eris. Astronomically Eris has more in common with Chiron than Pluto, because both are objects scattered from the Kuiper belt proper by the gravitational effects of (most likely) Neptune. The Centaurs scattered inward in the solar system, and objects like Eris were scattered outward beyond the Kuiper belt.

The Kuiper Belt is a relatively flat doughnut according to Wikipedia, and its members, including Pluto, are from 30 to 44 Astronomical units from the sun. The scattered disc objects have higher inclinations and are much further out. Eris' average distance from Sun would be over 60 AU. i'm guessing that the Scattered objects would have a much different astrological tone than Pluto and the (presumably) Scorpionic Kuiper belt.

The first scattered object, 1995 TL8, was discovered in 1995 by Arianna Gleason. Interestingly her name is the Latinized form of Ariadne ("most holy"), the Princess of Crete who aided Theseus in his journey through the labarynth to slay the minotaur, and who later became the bride of Dionysos. The crown of Ariadne, Corona Borealis, lies north of the constellation Libra, while the Centaur lies south of the Scales.

if certain scattered objects are found to be Libran in quality then we can expect Eris to have strong dynamics with Pluto. (since Mars/Pluto ruled Aries and Scorpio oppose Libra and Taurus, the prospective rulerships of Venus and as yet unidentified trans-Pluto body)

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