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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/4/2007 01:01:53 ET
Subject: RE: Perihelion/Aphelion Info

Message Detail:
correction: Eris Perihelion/Aphelion axis has been in Libra/Aries
sorry that I had them switched around

Eris Nodal Axis has been in Taurus/Scorpio for over a century.
Eris Aphelion/Perihelion axis has been in Libra/Aries for over a century.

This could be why some astrologers think Eris rules Libra and some think Eris rules Taurus.

Zane Stein believes that there are some Persephone energy with Eris,and he even wrote that it could rule Libra along with some of his keywords in connection with Persephone. The co-discoverer of Eris,Michael Brown was going to propose the name,Persephone and that Eris' orbit was like Persephone. It was Eris' discovery that led to Pluto and Ceres' equal status as dwarf planets in Astronomy like Pluto/Hades and Ceres/Demeter shared equal time with Proserpina/Persephone.
Interestingly,Eris' Discovery Chart ruler Mars conjuncts the asteroid,Proserpina. The equality could fit with Libra.

Core was another name for Proserpina/Persephone
today's heliocentric positions:

Cora Nodes in 14'48 Cancer/Capricorn
Eris Perihelion/Aphelion in 14'47 Libra/Aries

Core Nodes almost exactly square the Eris Perihelion/Aphelion axis is weird!

Proserpina Nodes in 15'58 Taurus/Scorpio (same signs as Eris)
Persephone Nodes in 16'42 Pisces/Virgo

the Proserpina Nodes and Persephone Nodes are trine/sextile within 1 degree
and sextile the Cora Nodes within 2 degrees

When Eris was nicknamed, Xena, some thought that it would be fitting with Libra because even though Xena was a warrior,she did end up fighting for justice like Hercules and not only that, she ended up in a close partnership with Gabrielle.

I checked the asteroid,Xenia because it's close name to Xena
I checked out its nodes

heliocentric chart for today
Xenia Nodes in 7'44 Leo/Aquarius
Eris Nodes in 6'00 Taurus/Scorpio
(I don't think that it's a coincidence that these nodes are square each other within 2 degrees,and Eris was nicknamed Xena)

Libra has its links with Scorpio. Libra was the southern claws of the Scorpion. This could suggest that there is an intensity,depth that Libra has. Most of tropical Scorpio is in the Libra constellation. A lot of people get justice(objective,intellectual,impartial) and revenge(subjective,emotional,biased) mixed up.

Robert Hand made a case for the Earth ruling Taurus in his book,HOROSCOPE SYMBOLS. I don't agree with it either.

If we look at the mythology of Venus/Aphrodite, she was very sensual...she was like the female version of Jupiter/Zeus. She enjoyed sensual pleasure. She didn't care about marriage/relationships. After all,she wasn't faithful to her husband, Vulcan/Hephaestus and she was getting it on with his brother, Mars/Ares. She rejected the ugly,humble,self-effacing,helpful god for the handsome, vain,bloodthirsty,and troublemaking god. She was the hot sexy babe who choose the bad boy over the good boy. "Nice guys finish last" saying probably started with that love triangle. She was messing with other guys - not just gods but mortals. She got with the mortal Trojan prince Anchises and bore Aeneas the mythical ancestor of Rome. She promised the married Helen to Paris. Is it ironic that Paris rejected the goddess of marriage(Hera) for the Goddess of Love and Beauty(Aphrodite)? I think so.

Another thing, Aphrodite/Venus may have not loved her husband,but she sure loved all the jewelry and other luxury items that he made for her. She was definitely materialistic,and that fits right in with Taurus/2nd house. She could have been the queen of the gold diggers representing women who married men for their money but didn't love them at all. It could also be women that marry men for security reasons and not romantic reasons, and unfortunately that's how it was with my mother and my stepfather. She has Venus in Cancer in 2nd house.

I have talked about Eris having to do with bigotry,racism,race relations,and advocacy

I realized why I came up with that

according to the Heliocentric Coordinates:

the Perihelions of Eris and Jupiter are conjunct within 1 degree, and North Uranus node trines that within 1 degree.
of course the Aphelions of Eris and Jupiter are conjunct within 1 degree,and South Uranus node trines that within 1 degree

according to Jonathan Dunn's ephemeral positions page,
the positions today are:

Perihelion of Eris in 14'47 Libra
Perihelion of Jupiter in 14'46 Libra
North Uranus Node in 14'02 Gemini

the Perihelions of Eris and Jupiter are almost exactly conjunct

It's possible that some of the things that were assigned to Jupiter and Uranus are actually Eris things or share rulership. This is something that I strongly suspected after researching Eris. The Eris keywords of Zane Stein and Roy MacKinnon seem to fit that.

Raymond N. Andrews

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