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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/3/2007 15:05:28 ET
Subject: RE: The Controversial Death of Princess Diana

Message Detail:

Maritha Pottenger uses the East Point in her work,and even wrote a
book about it. Transiting Saturn in 19'38 Aries Retrograde was
squaring Princess Diana's East Point in 19'52 Capricorn. Also
transiting Eris in 19'03 Aries Retrograde was squaring Diana's East
Point too. so Transiting Saturn/Eris midpoint in 19'21 Aries was
squaring Diana's East Point with 32 minutes of arc. Cosmobiologists
and Uranian Astrology use transiting midpoints.

the following is quoted from Maritha Pottenger

"Squares, oppositions and quincunxes to the East Point or Antivertex
suggest the part of our life symbolized by the factor in hard aspect
in some way conflicts with a part of our basic identity, our natural
self-expression, our physical body, our personal freedom to do and be
as we please in life. (This is further modified by the nature of the
factor—planet, asteroid, angle—involved plus house and sign
placements). Hard aspects to the West Point or Vertex point to the
need to integrate that part of our life symbolized by the factor in
hard aspect with our desire for one-to-one relationships, our need for
equality, the qualities we tend to meet first in other people in our
close, sharing associations."

"Generally, both the Antivertex and East Point function as auxiliary
Ascendants—additional keys to themes of importance in our basic
identity, our self-expression in the world, our personal needs and

On 31 August 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris, France, along with Dodi Fayed, and their driver Henri Paul who was thought to have been drunk and lost control speeding while trying to evade press photographers. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the whole thing.

With my view of Eris being the planet of controversy, I wanted to see what was going on with Eris in Diana's chart and in the fatal accident chart

Princess Diana's birthdata:
July 1, 1961
7:45 PM

Fatal Accident:
August 31, 1997
12:27 AM

Fatal Accident's Mars in 10'28 Scorpio

Diana's Sun in 9'39 Cancer in 7th
Diana's Eris in 10'34 Aries in 3rd
(aggressive,controversial short distance travel in regards to Henri Paul's reckless speeding,driving drunk)
Princess Diana was also controversial which involved also her relationships

Fatal Accident's Ascendant in 18'12 Gemini
Fatal Accident's Eris in 19'03 Aries Retrograde
Fatal Accidents' Saturn in 19'38 Aries Retrograde
Diana's Ascendant in 18'24 Sagittarius
(controversy and sadness involving her)

(note: Diana had double focus Eris transit --- transiting Eris trine her Ascendant and transiting Mars quincunx her Eris)

Fatal Accident's South Eris Node in 4'48 Scorpio
Fatal Accident's Uranus in 5'30 Aquarius Retrograde
Fatal Accident's North Eris Node in 6'33 Taurus
Fatal Accident's Vertex in 7'53 Scorpio
(controversial accident/death affecting the collective)

Diana's South Eris Node in 4'06 Scorpios
Diana's Vertex in 4'08 Leo
Diana's chart ruler Jupiter in 5'05 Aquarius
Diana's North Eris Node in 6'01 Taurus

The Eris Nodes are very slow moving........but with Diana having chart ruler Jupiter-Vertex square the Eris Nodes,she was strongly connected to the collective karma that involves stirring stuff up,controversy,equal rights matters,diversity,and advocacy......especially with her Sun square Eris......Sun,Moon,and Eris in 8th harmonic triangle. With transiting Uranus squaring her Jupiter-Vertex-Eris Nodes.....the accident that affected her was of collective significance and was controversial.

Diana's Solar Arcs

Solar Arc Pluto in 10'35 Aries
Natal Eris in 10'34 Libra in 3rd
(controversial death involving short distance travel as in driving)[IMG][/IMG]bums/q112/Astynaz/PrincessDiana.gif


Raymond N. Andrews

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