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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 11/1/2007 20:12:15 ET
Subject: Controversial Relationship between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Message Detail:

I would say that the relationship between King Edward VIII aka the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson was controversial. Wallis Simpson was already married when Prince Edward met her,and they had an intimate relationship. Edward abdicated for the woman that he loved. This led to the coronation of King George VI which made it possible for Elizabeth to be Queen Elizabeth II. He was given the title,Duke of Windsor.
Before, during and after World War II, the Windsors were suspected by many in government and society of being Nazi sympathizers. They even visited Adolf Hitler in 1937.

Edward,Duke of Windsor had a history of being involved with many married women before Wallis. Rumored to be a Nazi sympathizer. During World War II he served as Governor of the Bahamas, where he was plagued by rumours and accusations that he was pro-Nazi. He reputedly told an acquaintance, "After the war is over and Hitler will crush the Americans... we'll take over... They [the Commonwealth] don't want me as their king, but I'll soon be back as their leader." He told a journalist that "it would be a tragic thing for the world if Hitler was overthrown."

June 23, 1894
9:55 PM

Sun in 2'21 Cancer
Geo South Eris Node in 3'23 Scorpio
Moon in 3'52 Pisces
Helio Eris Nodes in 4'39 Taurus/Scorpio
Geo North Eris Node in 5'12 Taurus
Juno in 5'24 Scorpio
(a highly controversial figure)

Juno sesquiadrate Eris - '44
(controversial relationship)

Wallis Simpson had 2 unsuccessful marriages before being Edward's mistress. Her private life has been a source of much speculation, and she remains a controversial figure in British history.
She was also known for her racist attitudes towards the local population in the Bahamas when Edward was governor there.

June 19, 1896
Blue Ridge Summit,Pennsylvania
10:30 PM

Uranus in 21'02 Scorpio Retrograde
Moon in 21'15 Libra
Mars in 21'42 Aries
Eris in 21'49 Pisces
Venus in 23'54 Gemini
(highly controversial figure)


Edward's Eris
quincunx Wallis' Moon - '07
trine Wallis' Uranus - '06

(I strongly recommend using only 30 minutes of arc for Eris in synastry....with slightly smaller orbs for trines like 20 minutes of arc...sextiles 10 or 15....quincunxes,semisextiles,semisquares,sesquiquadrates less than 10 minutes)

In this case, there are strong Eris aspects because their Eris' conjunct and Wallis has Eris its more like they are connected on collective level with their relationship having profound effect on many

Composite Chart

Juno sesquiquadrate Eris - '39
(controversial relationship)

Wallis was pressured by the King's Lord-in-Waiting, Peregrine Cust, 6th Baron Brownlow, to renounce the King. On 7 December 1936, Lord Brownlow read to the press her statement, which he had helped her draft, indicating Wallis's readiness to give up the King.
King Edward signed the Instrument of Abdication on December 10, 1936,and announced his abdication the next day on December 11, 1936

Edward's Solar Arcs:

Solar Arc Eris in 1'41 Taurus Retrograde
square Natal Ascendant in 1'38 Aquarius

Edward's Transits:

Transiting Eris in 2'50 Aries Retrograde

square Natal Sun in 2'20 Cancer
trine Natal Midheaven in 2'32 Sagittarius

His Solar and Transits involving Eris seem to reflect the times of controversy as King and being involved with Wallis and his resulting abdication for a highly controversial woman.

Raymond N. Andrews

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