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Posted By: ex on: 10/27/2007 12:45:12 ET
Subject: RE: Are we missing the forest for the trees?

Message Detail:
I believe in the equality of humans overall.

Therefore I believe that I have a good grasp of the positives of Eris.

btw...Solar Arc Eris is opposing my Mercury with 8 minutes of arc applying

I don't need any lectures about the positives of Eris.

whoa Raymond, sorry we're misunderstanding each other so badly here. Mercury is still Rx and with so many hard aspects going on now sparks are bound to fly. this is a public forum where we present our ideas AND recieve feedback. that's how we learn about these new planets. we aren't always going to agree with the feedback but i think i'm speaking for everyone else who has posted that Noone here ever thinks anyone's input here is stupid! Le Chiffre never called you that but because she had a different viewpoint than yours you tore her a new one as you did to me, and accused both of us of calling you stupid. If Eris, as you yourself wrote, is about "...7. Respecting other's views, beliefs..." then it would be cool for us to honor that as we write about her. We aren't disrespecting you when we post opposing viewpoints, but when you accuse us of slandering you when we are not is disrespectful to us.

i wrote that in my opinion racism is born of ignorance and is not a"planetary" quality. i also believe People standing up for their rights is a planetary quality, as you wrote. i don't believe Eris is involved every time a white man like Don Imus says something stupid. There. Those are my opinions and i stand by them. Notice that not once did I call you stupid, because i don't believe you are, and i also respect your advocacy of neurodivergent issues! We are still in the stone-age as far as mental health care in this country, we see it every day on the streets of California where the ill have been turned out of the institutions and affordable housing and dumped onto the streets.

there, you see i never meant disrespect although that's the way you took it. maybe it's the overforceful expression of my Mercury/Pluto energy, and since my solar arc Pluto is now at 0 Scorpio i'm dealing with a LOT of that right now. please respect the opinions of others even when they appear to clash with your own.

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