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Posted By: ex on: 10/26/2007 13:16:08 ET
Subject: Are we missing the forest for the trees?

Message Detail:
You cite the comment of one British ivory tower academian born in 1928 to "prove" that Eris is about bigotry? Gits are born on every day and age and I don't believe that they need the "permission" of any one planet to indulge in ignorance. If you were to accentuate the positive you might consider the example of some Aries folk who lived in 1928 whose genius disproves this academic bias about intelligence.

First off, many astrologers would probably agree that a key word for Eris in Aries is "Renaissance". (If Neptune is Lethe the river of forgetfulness, and Pluto is Styx, the river of Death, then maybe Eris is the divine Grace that we make this journey for. What's the point of the ego death and dying we experience under Pluto unless there is some cool clear water to fill our now empty vessels with?) Eris was in Aries at the end of the so called "Carolingian Renaissance" and for the length and breadth of the Italian Renaissance. And she was entering in and out of Aries for the Renaissance in America which shaped our modern literature, art and music. This was the "Harlem Renaissance" which reached its peak in 1924-1929. The most iconic musician of the century was probably Louis Armstrong (Aug 4,1901), a Leo with moon at 13Aries. A fellow was telling me that the Nazis got their hands on one of his trumpets and took it apart, because they didn't realise that it was the Man behind the horn who was bringing forth all these incredible sounds. Bilie Holiday (Apr 7,1915) was an Aries with a Mercury/Eris conjunction in Pisces. The Cotton Club and Apollo theatre were thriving at this time. African art heavily influenced modern painters like Picasso and Paul Klee.

So here in 1928 we have a great cultural movement underway that defines our culture to this very day, and you say that Eris is about nebbishy academic white Brits sticking their narrow little noses up at brown people? To quote a line from Tyler Perry's new movie, some people are so used to losing that they don't even know when they have won! Eris asks us to rise above the differences which divide us in order to see a bigger picture, bigger than our conceits as to what defines race or intelligence. A Buddhist master said that his way was practically retarded. I believe he was living in the light of Eris.

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